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So Sunday was our day for Antiques in the Square in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Remember I told you that Hubby and I along with our son Buck were going to have a both and sell our antiques/junk there?

We went with a philosophy that was different than most of the vendors.  Most of the vendors go from show to show to sell their wares.  They decide their price, more in line with antique stores, and price there.  They need inventory to go from show to show so they stick with their prices.  Most of them also are doing this as their living.

Booth (300x400)

We were completely different.  We were doing one show.  We weren’t in it for a means of a living.  We only needed enough money to cover our expenses.

For example…Hubby bought some chicken feeds awhile back.  There were eight all together.


He paid a total of of $27.50 for them all.  He priced them anywhere from $6-$40.  We sold them all but the really long big one.  The lady in the both next to us bought some of them.  She’s planning on reselling them.  The ones she bought were priced in the upper teens.  She had ones in her booth priced at $26 for really small ones.   She didn’t sell any that we saw.

We had several people come around to our booth and said we had the most reasonable prices.  We did.  We honestly were pretty much cleaned out of our merchandise.  When we came home we two pieces of furniture, a tote and some wooden boxes.  That’s really about it.  We had gone with a trailer and pickup loaded FULL.

Booth 1 (300x400)Most of our stuff we marked up 100% of what we paid for it….a few things that we got for a steal of a price we marked higher.  For example I bought a quilt on an auction.  I paid $18 for it.  It was in very good shape.  It was hand quilted.  I didn’t want to keep it.  I marked it for $75.  The person who bought it was so happy.  She thought she got an amazing deal…and honestly, she did.  I got it at a steal price…she got it for a deal price.  I could have marked it at $200 and eventually I might have gotten that price…I wasn’t in the mood to drag it around waiting for that day.  Besides, I could just hear, in my head, what the lady would say about the quilt when she got home.  It feels good to get a deal…and we made lot of people feel good.

Booth 2 (300x400) (2)

We have enough money to go out and get more junk….I see a pattern forming here.

Booth (300x400)

Buck didn’t do as well with his axes.  He brought some that were not so good, utility type axes, and some costly collector items.  He was surprised but the utility type axes sold best and that’s what he had the least of.  Many people wanted and bought axes to have for camping….few bought the collector axes.  Now he knows that and next time will plan accordingly.

Booth 3 (300x400)

Saws (300x400)

It was all a learning experience and we all learned a lot.

Happily several blog readers did stop by and say hi.  I really appreciated that.  With my cast I was stuck by the cash register most of the day.  I couldn’t get in and out of booths to look so I didn’t.  Thanks to a few visits from blog readers and a happy buying crowd we had an awesome time.

We met some awesome vendors…You’ll likely want to check out The Rusty Pumpkin.  They are based out of Ankeny, Iowa but travel all around.  She had the most amazing booth.  She had so many cute decorating ideas.  I ended up getting a “K” letter to hang in the house and letter tiles for another project too.  You can find them on Facebook here.  They have a permanent booth at Found Things at 1433 Walnut St in Des Moines.  Best of all Laura’s husband shared his Monster Cookie recipe with me.  I can’t wait to give them a try.

We had fun…met people and hope to do it again.  Kelli was out and about and took pictures.  As I said, I was stuck with my scooter behind the cash register.  She said she’ll write a post later this week and show you lots of pictures.

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  1. Hmmmmm, maybe it was a good thing you were stuck by the cash register? So you weren’t out spending the profits before the profits ever reached your pockets?
    At least that is what happens to me when I have a garage sale with a friend or neighbor!
    It sounds like you all had a great time! And that is the best part of all.

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