Antiques in the Park @ Clear Lake

Much of last night and today is being spent putting the final touches on things and loading up to go to Antiques in the park in Clear Lake.  Once a year Hubby and load things up and peddle our wares.

We have mostly primitive pieces to sell.  There are lightning rods, trunks, chairs, enamel ware, tool boxes….oh anything wood, metal and old…

The trailer is filling up and we have more things so the pickup and even the Suburban are being filled too.  We have some room saved as Kalissa has a few things she wants to add too….I hope there’s room for it all.


The hardest thing for us is always pricing.  We have very limited storage over winter so we want to sell out.  That means that we like to price things so that a real antique vendor who vends from show to show for a living will want to buy our stuff, raise the price and then sell it at their shows.  It’s a bit of sweet spot as far as pricing goes….we don’t have to hold onto inventory until we get the top price like they do and we don’t have to store it.  We can sell out and come home to an empty space which is our ultimate goal.  We still make money on what we sold.  Our hope is always that we make enough money on this extra stuff so it can pay for the things we bought and kept.

We do have a few things that we did price higher.  These are things that we either wouldn’t mind keeping or things that we would like to really fix and make nice-but didn’t have the time so if we get the price we’re fine, but if we don’t, we’re fine.  Those things we’ll take home.

If you’re in the area, come check us out.  The show is free for attendees.  It is located at the park in Clear Lake.  It’s open from 9-4:30.  I’ll be so excited when it’s over.  I’m wanting some of free back and I’m wanting to park the truck in the garage again!!  We have LOTS of fun doing this but as with everything, there are always a few trade offs.

If you do come by PLEASE stop and introduce yourself.  I love meeting blog readers in person!!!

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