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Around Christmas time, I went to West Union with my mother-in-law to check out a couple craft shows that were going on.  While we were in town, someone mentioned that a new antique store opened up in town so we thought we’d check it out.  When we went in to check it out, I was in love.  The decor is exactly my style with a wonderful mix of cute signs, some primitive items and lots of re-purposed things too!  While I had already bought the gifts that I was needing, and at the end of my spending money, I didn’t make any purchases, however I knew that I’d be back the next time I was needing a gift.

Fast forward a few months and I was working on painting a cabinet for my sewing room over spring break.  I was thinking that I might need some more supplies and jumped online to look for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that we normally use.  The previous store that we had regularly purchased from had moved, so I wasn’t sure where I was going to have to go.  Imagine my wonderful surprise when I found out that I could just run over to West Union for additional supplies.  I messaged them to find out that they didn’t have everything in yet so I was a bit bummed, but ended up with enough paint to finish up the painting part of my project.

Last week, I was driving home from Independence where I was doing clinical at and decided that I really didn’t want to cook supper, so I called in an order to the Chinese restaurant to pick up on my way home.  When I got into town, I saw that the shop was open, so I decided to make a quick stop after picking up supper and boy am I happy that I did!

They have done so many wonderful things with the shop since I was there last!

One (225x400)

I just love the feel with the tin ceilings and all of the decor!  They have added a second “shelf” above to showcase additional pieces.

Two (225x400)

I even found a little spot where they have the coloring books that I love so much!  I know mom isn’t a fan of them, but I find them incredibly relaxing!

Three (400x225)

This little rug hooked piece was absolutely adorable.  I really like how they framed it.  It’d make a great addition to a little girl’s room!

Four (225x400)

In the back, they have a little “man cave” room that has a ton of neat little signs related to “guy” things such as fishing or automotive things.  It also is a little bit dimmer, but it’s super neat.

Five (225x400)

Here’s another view of the “man cave.”  I know when I think decorations, I usually think of girly things, but they have lots of neat things that are more guy-ish, but would work wonderfully into lots of different decor themes.

Six (225x400)

I about fell in love with this little corner cupboard.  I don’t quite know where I’d put it in my house, but I’m sure that I could find a place or two!

Seven (225x400)

Another thing that I really like is that they showcase work from local artists.  The painting on the door is done by a local artist, Andrea Adams, who lives just down the road from mom and dad near Waucoma.  You can check out her website here–Indigo Studio.  They also feature handmade cards.

Eight (225x400)

When I saw this, I immediately thought of mom!  She once did an experiment to see how long we would go without putting toilet paper on the roll.  I don’t remember how long it was, but it was definitely longer than she would have liked.

Ten (225x400)

This sign however, spoke to me.  I often have a bit of a hard time with burning things and seriously would benefit from a smoke alarm that would shut off when the words “I’m cooking,” were spoken.  If you happen to find a smoke alarm like this, please let me know!

Nine (225x400)

Finally!  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  I love how the owner took picture frames and used various chalk painting colors and techniques to paint them.  The frames wonderfully showcase the colors and techniques and make it easy for anyone to pick out a color or technique that they are looking for.  After speaking with the owner Kim a bit more, I found out that she doesn’t live too far from me and her son often helps my husband haul loads and do other farm work in the summer during hay season.

After talking a bit more, I found out that she offers periodic chalk painting classes, so I signed mom and I up!  I also decided to gift my mother-in-law with a class for mother’s day and am excited that Jason’s Aunt Julie is coming with too!  We are going to learn a few new chalk painting techniques that I haven’t tried before and I’m really excited.  Wine, family, and a little bit of creativity–What else could a person ask for.

If you’d like to check out Antiques and Gifts on Vine, you can find their facebook page here–Antiques & Gifts on Vine.  And stay tuned–Our class is on May 26th–I’m sure we’ll be sharing pictures!

4 thoughts on “Antiques and Gifts on Vine”

  1. Kelli – what a find! I’m interested in the classes that you will be taking with the chalk paint. I’d heard about it and bought some at Home Depot. I’m not even sure what brand it was. I’d love to hear about the techniques that you learn! Please post again about this! ThanksQ

  2. When you find the smoke alarm that responds to “I’m cooking” let me know where to get mine! The standing joke around here is that the bread is not done until the smoke alarm goes off!

  3. not sure if this is where I should comment to win a copy of your awesome book….? I adore your block for the 100 blocks magazine….seems like I just cannot get enough of bright colors and varying prints!

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