Antique Show at the UNI Dome

Hubby and I along with Kayla went to the Antique show at the UNI Dome a bit ago.  I had snapped some pictures but after feeling a little disappointed about the show I decided maybe I wouldn’t blog about it.  Then a couple past blog posts showed up in my feed and I decided to write about it.

There were a few things that were fun to see…I love Swedish Dala Horses…

…and I love odds and ends…


This little blue sewing machine was cute.


But what I don’t like is this….Don’t get me wrong.  I love spool cabinets and really want one..but this vendor is in the same spot.  There spool cabinets are still the same outrageous price.  Most of these were near or above $1000.  Yes, they are in beautiful shape but I don’t know anyone who will buy them for that price.


It’s really not fun to look if prices are sky high and if we see the same thing year after year….Case in point.  I snapped this picture of a quilt.  I loved the look.  Simple.  I have also been on a kick of quilts with no light backgrounds…yet something seemed familiar about the quilt to me.


I got home and looked to see why…This picture was take the year before at the same show.  Notice the same quilt!  If a vendor can’t sell a quilt in a year of going to shows, it’s time to lower the price…right??


I saw other quilts I liked…but again they felt familiar.


I know I saw this one both years.  I remember because I thought it a unique idea to use strips cut on the bias and applique them to made a quilt block.


There’s always one quilt booth that has all quilts across the background.  These were all different quilts from the previous year.


All in all, we were a little disappointed and likely won’t be back to the show anytime soon.  We don’t need to pay $8 to get in just to see the same things year after year that are frankly a little too high priced.

At this point in our lives, I think we’d rather just go to auctions.

9 thoughts on “Antique Show at the UNI Dome”

  1. I don’t do antique shows but share your frustration with admission fees and high prices. I enjoy craft shows but it really burns me to pay for admission. After all they charge the vendors to be there and then charge me too! I feel like I’ve lost money before I even start to shop. I always say that malls and Walmart don’t charge to get in so shows shouldn’t either. (My only exception is if all the proceeds from admission go to charity.)

  2. I prefer auctions too; but I have to be careful there as I tend to get carried away bidding if it’s an item I really want. I bought my quilting/sewing studio at an auction!

  3. So you really think $200 for a finished had quilted quilt is too much? I value my work more than that. Would I buy it? only if I loved it. But it’s worth it.

  4. My dad has been self-employed pretty much my whole life (in addition to teaching). One thing I learned from him is to price your work at the price you want to sell it, even if it means you don’t get the job. Perhaps some of those pieces that were over priced to you are priced at the price the vendor wants and they are just as happy to enjoy the item until they do sell. They may also be priced so they have room to bargain. I wouldn’t buy anything I felt was too expensive, but sometimes my point of view is not the same as the seller’s.

  5. I don’t blame you for being frustrated at seeing the same items with the same prices on them. It does take the fun out of going to a show like that. I would also agree with you that the prices probably do need to be adjusted. Others have mentioned that the value is subjective. But, I think your point is that if the items were more reasonably priced, they would sell and the vendor would have more room for different and fresh items to sell. There was a quilt shop that I used to go to…they never had sales and their fabric didn’t sell. Consequently, there wasn’t anything new to go and see there either. Many people quit shopping there.

  6. This is the reason my guild’s show doesn’t allow repeats unless this time it’s for sale, and only if they have extra room, and it wasn’t on sale last year. Keeps us cranking out new stuff! And we don’t charge admission.

  7. I want a spool cabinet too. I asked my husband to bid on one for me over the weekend at an auction. He didn’t even get a chance to bid. It sold for $700 and was a smaller one. Maybe they are just peaking in price now and will come down later. I, unfortunately, bought my featherweights when they were selling sky high around here. Now they can be bought for several hundred dollars less than I paid.

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