Answering Question About Wool Appliqué with Aurifil Thread

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Yesterday I showed you my eye glass I made using wool, machine applique and Aurifil thread….I got LOTS of questions.  I am hoping to answer them in this post.

GlassCase-finished I

I worked on a couple new projects and even incorporated my Accuquilt Go! The following photos are of a table mat I am making.  I started with a 12.5  x 12.5  inch piece of wool for the base.  In retrospect, I would cut it 14 x 14 and trim it down once I was finished.

I used a product called Steam a Seam 2.  These are my first experiences with the product and I can tell you I love it!  I got it at the quilt shop I visited last week.  It has two layers of paper with an adhesive in between.  For the mat I am making I cut pieces of Steam a Seam that are 1.75 x 2.75.  I cut wool scraps into the same size.


Lift the paper side off and stick the Steam a Seam to the wool.


Iron the Steam a Seam to the wool.


Put the wool piece in your Go! and roll it through.  The table mat I am making uses the LARGE leaf on the Rose of Sharon die.


Pick the paper off the back of the leaf.  It will be a bit sticky.  Position the leaf where you want it and push it down.  The piece can be lifted and moved in case you don’t like how it is positioned.


I have all my pieces where I want them so now I am ironing them in place.  They are now more firmly stuck to the wool base.  NO PINS are needed.  No Glue…no nothing except the Steam a Seam 2.  I LOVE it!


Now take the piece to your machine.  With the Wool Auriful in the top, and regular thread on the bottom, you can simply use your blanket stitch/button hole stitch to stitch the pieces in place.  On my Bernina, I adjusted the stitch length to a four.  Take care when stitching that you don’t pull or tug the base piece of wool because it can become distorted with too much tugging.  I didn’t have trouble with that.  The clerk at the quilt shop told me that some people need to adjust the tension on their machine.  That scared me but I didn’t have to do that.


I tried to get a nice close up so you can see how nice the stitching looks.  It is SO quick.  I would have never thought to give a gift that is made from wool just because it is so time consuming…but now I think I could.  I’m even thinking about tackling some large projects.

I made this little pincushion.  It would make a perfect quick gift for your favorite quilting buddies…..

To make it use your Rose of Sharon die SMALL leaf, the smallest circle, and a five-inch circle die.

To make one, cut wool and a fabric circle with your five-inch die.  Using the Steam a Seam 2 and wool scraps, cut 10 SMALL leaves with your Accuquilt Go! and the SMALL leaf on the Rose of Sharon die.  Position the leaves, iron, and stitch.  Once all the stitching is complete, take the backing circle and lay it on the right sides together with the stitched piece.  Sew around the circle making sure to leave an opening to turn it.  Clip the seam.  Turn right side out.  Fill with crushed walnut shells (these are awesome…find them in the reptile section of the pet store).  Sew the opening shut.  I took a piece of wool that was 3/4″ wide, rolled it into a tube, and randomly stitched it around the pincushion.    It was simple and easy.

When I got the Rose of Sharon die, I didn’t think I would use it much…but I certainly have.  You can check out other projects I have made with it here.

If you have any other questions about the wool, the Aurefil or the Steam a Seam 2 drop me a note and I will try to answer your questions.  I put together a video you can watch by pushing the play button or you can go to Youtube HERE and watch it.  Better yet, save it and watch on your television or deivce later when you have more time.

No worries is you don’t have the dye.  Simply fold a piece of paper in half and cut the to your desired size.

I hope you have fun making one or two…maybe one as gift.

6 thoughts on “Answering Question About Wool Appliqué with Aurifil Thread”

  1. I love your pincushion & eyeglass case!! And, yes, Aurifil threads are absolutely the best! <3
    Cheri, check out Quilting Acres on etsy; she has beautiful hand dyed colors & great quality wool!

  2. I love your tutorial! The Rose of sharon is one quilt that I have always wanted to make. I had no idea you could use the accuquilt cutter to cut out templates. Now that would be fabulous!! What a dream! Someday..

    1. Hm…No idea. It’s been a long time since I did that and haven’t done it since. I think it was just my regular needle that I piece with.

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