Answering a few questions…and Giveaway Winners

Yesterday I was the guest blogger over at Stash Manicure.  Today I thought I would answer a few of the questions I got….

Question one:  Can I post some close up photos?
Answer YES!
This is a close up of the trivet.  You can see that my stitch length is at the widest setting.  You can see that I am catching the new added coil and the main piece in each zig zag.  I am using a brownish tan thread that blends.  I have seen light colors sewn with black thread and that was neat.

Question Two:  Do you use bias pieces or what?
Answer:  No…you don’t use bias pieces…you could but it isn’t necessary.  Here’s a salvage edge that I am wrapping around the clothesline.  I would glue the end in place with a glue stick and then glue a new color down and start wrapping with the new piece of fabric.  I only glue at the start and finish and about every 12 inches in between.


Question Three:  Do you sew at an angle?
Answer:  Keep EVERYTHING as flat as possible if you are making a trivet, coaster or rug.  The only time you need to angle is if you are making a basket…like I am making in the photo below.  The book, “It’s a Wrap” will give you all the specifics and varying angles.


QuestionFour:  How long does it take?  Answer in one evening after supper I made the four coasters and two trivets…probably about two hours.


You may notice in the coaster picture that the threads are closer together in the middle.  You are right.  They aren’t perfect.  Starting is REALLY a challenge.  If you can get your piece to 2″ in size, it will be MUCH easier.  Hang in there….breath and know the hard part will be over SOON.

I hope I answered most of your questions….Now for the giveaway winners:

1.  Karla

2.  Marie

3.  Mary

4.  Nancy Sue Phillips

5.  Melissa Corry

6.  Judy D

7.  SewLindaAnn

Congrats to all the winners.  I have emailed you for your shipping address so that you can get your little treasure.  And to those who weren’t the lucky ones this time….there is another giveaway in the works.  Don’t forget to sign up to win yesterday’s trivet!

6 thoughts on “Answering a few questions…and Giveaway Winners”

  1. Hi. I sent my email but wanted to thank you “publicly” here since I don’t have a blog yet. I am so excited to win that set you have no idea!!! I’m so happy to have found your blog, and would love to read more about farm happenings. I also love to garden, cook, sew, etc. but I do like to clean house and decorate too. Thanks for the intro to wrapping, I bought the books and plan on having a go. Thanks again from seriously hot and muggy Georgia.

  2. What fun this was Jo, even though I didn’t win. LOL Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter.

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