Another Wedding, Another Ribbon Bouquet

Guest post from Kelli:
As I’m sure you all know, my sister Kayla is getting married this weekend.  I was honored when she asked me to be her maid of honor and promptly decided that I would be the designated rehearsal bouquet maker.  When attending her showers, I gathered up all of the ribbons from the beautiful gifts she received and kept them to complete my one of my favorite wedding details.

After talking with mom, she let me know that a couple people were wondering how one goes about making a ribbon bouquet after I showed you the one I created for Rachel’s wedding.  This time around I took a few pictures to show you what I did.

First off, I piled all of the bows and ribbons on the table.

Then I sorted the ribbons into three piles–Short ones,

dangling ribbons,

and finally, other ribbons.

I then took a paper plate and folded it into an ice cream cone shape and secured it with hot glue using the glue gun that my lovely mother gifted to me.  Next, I cut slits in the handle about an inch into the top of the cone around the larger end and glued them to the backside of the plate to be used as the base of the bouquet.  In this case, mostly just because I had a pink plate, I used the colored plate as the base of the bouquet to ensure that if any background showed, it wouldn’t be white.

Next comes the fun part–adding the ribbons!  I always start with adding the dangling ribbons around the base of the bouquet.

When looking at Kayla’s ribbons, she had quite a few of the limey green wide wired ribbon.  I was a bit confused as to how to incorporate this ribbon.  After trying to tie a decent bow for about half an hour, I gave up and decided that I just wasn’t going to use it.  After a bit more thought, I cut the ribbon into lengths of 8-10 inches.  I looped the ends together and hot glued them to the back.

I continued this around the outside of the base where I hadn’t added the dangling ribbons.

I then completed the bouquet by adding the short ribbons to the pink plate base.  When adding the short ribbons, it is important to squish them together as much as possible to hide any background.

I finished off the bouquet with a few dangly ribbons glued to the bottom of the handle.

And before you would know it, I had a completed ribbon bouquet!

Stay tuned next week to see our beautiful bride with the bouquet and other pictures from the wedding.  Next week I’ll be showing you what I made for Kayla.  I’ll give you the hints I gave her–It involves a picture frame, corks, and looking at it, you probably will wonder how it’s used!


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