Another Stitch Along: Home Sweet Home

I know it seems soon for another stitch-along announcement but in order to get the supplies here through supply chain issues and availability, we have to be working at least 6 weeks ahead.  I know you all understand that this is the world we live in nowadays.  This one is scheduled to start on April 15th or so.  Now let me tell you about it.

Late last fall I was scrolling through patterns looking for things that would be good for stitch alongs.  There are so many to choose from and it makes it a hard task.  It’s also hard as I am trying to find projects that might interest other people too…but I want it to be something I really want to stitch.   I also know that many of you are just coming back to stitching so you enjoy a smaller project that has a better chance of you being able to stitch it…and finish it.

It’s a hard balance to find good things…I think I found a good one though.  This is Home Sweet Home by Little House Needleworks.

If you have… been thinking about starting to cross stitch or if you were previously a cross stitcher and want to start again, this is the perfect entry-level project.  Counting on this project will be easier than most.  The project is mostly that big flower pot and that will be not hard to stitch all.  I just feel like this is about the best project for anyone wanting to start cross-stitching to start.

I plan to do at least one if not two videos on how to start and how to stitch this…one might be a stitch with Jo.  I’m really wanting to help anyone who wants to start cross-stitching.

Of course, this is also a good project for anyone.  I’m in love with it because it will fit in good with my decor and it will be a piece that I can keep out all year long.  I need more pieces like that.  I thought about picking a patriotic piece but then remembered that people overseas don’t want a patriotic project.

The stitch count on this is 97 x 68.  That means 97 squares wide horizontally and 68 squares high.  That isn’t very big.  For me, that’s about 5″ x 4 1/2″.    If you are stitching on a 14-count Aida or 28-count linen, then it will be about 7″ x 4 3/4″.  There are only 5 skeins of floss…

Liz at Stitchery Nook is putting together kits for us all.  HERE is the link to the page where you can order.

You will need to order the chart, and the floss and then pick out your linen.  I am ordering 40 count.  If you are new to cross-stitching, I suggest 14-count Aida or 28-count linen.  Both of those are good for entry-level stitching.  Many people stay at that count of linen and that’s totally okay too.

This is all a “pre-order” at this point.  By pre-ordering that gives the gals enough time to order and collect enough supplies for us.  It’s also crazy busy for needlework shops right now as many of them are off at Needlework Market.  Liz is hoping to ship sometime so you’ll get your kits by April 1st.  Our start date is April 15th.

I hope you’ll join in the fun!!  I’m excited about this one!!

6 thoughts on “Another Stitch Along: Home Sweet Home”

  1. Hello, I put in a request to join your Facebook Stitch along group about a week or more ago, and haven’t received any confirmation. I started Spring’s Messenger today, and would like to see what everyone is doing and share my progress. Thanks.

  2. I was wondering if how small the stitches are. I noticed that you wear extra glasses when yo you cross stitch. If my regular glasses would be able to do cross stitching

    1. It all matters with everyone’s eyes. Everyone is different. Now I just have readers in the bifocal of my regular glasses and have a pair made for stitching. Some people have readers. Some people use a magnifier. Some people don’t need anything. It kins of an experiment.

  3. I’m in on this one. I already have this pattern. Spring Messenger got started Sunday. I have the robin done and the branch. Planning on stitching today until the dog gets scared from the storms we are supposed to have this afternoon. When that starts I can’t do anything.

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