Another sewing machine???

I know…I am addicted.  What can I say?  Let me explain.  I was at the thrift store….and I saw this.


I squealed (quietly in my head so I didn’t draw any attention).  Any of you who have a Featherweight sewing machine know that this is what the pedal looks like.  I walked briskly (move like a run) to check it out.  After some investigation, I found it was attached to this….


…an old Singer and cabinet.  I really didn’t need another machine.  In fact, it was interesting to look at, but not buy.  Then I remembered I had been wanting to put my machine in a cabinet.  Right now I don’t have a drop table to put my machine in.  I sew on a desk or the dining room table.  I often end up with a back ache.  I have been wondering if a table with a drop spot for the machine, might be what I need to alleviate the back pain.  I don’t want to spend lots of money on a fancy sewing table only to find out that it doesn’t help my back.  I thought if I would buy the machine and cabinet I could try it out and see.  I paid $5 for the cabinet and machine all together.

Well the machine came home and didn’t work.  There’s an electrical short.  Our daughter Kayla took it home to get her boyfriend to work on it.  I kept the cabinet because that’s what I really wanted.

I took my machine, Mildred, and drop her in…only no dropping happened.

sewing mcahine

See how it doesn’t sit flat.  Hubby to the rescue!

sewing mcahine-2

Now the machine sits in there fine.  It doesn’t fold down but I don’t care.  I just want to see if my back can get a little relief.  As I was digging through the drawers of the cabinet, I found this.


The book tells all about the attachments for the machine…which I think will be very similar to how they will work with my Featherweight.  I’ve been curious about the feet that my Featherweight came with and now I can learn more.

The cabinet is beat up and ugly but hubby thinks if it works for me, he’ll refinish it this winter.   So $5 bought a little fun for us all.

21 thoughts on “Another sewing machine???”

  1. The feet for the Featherweight are the same. They have the same shank height. So they will work on both machines if you can fix the other one. Chris

  2. Hi Jo
    I, too suffered with back ache and shoulder pain whilst quilting and general sewing and found that if I raised my computer chair so I am looking down on my work it makes it easier on my back and shoulders. I must admit my chair isn’t an ordinary office computer chair it’s one that reclines as well as rises up and down.
    Good luck with the new sewing cabinet. When I was a child, my sister and I started sewing on an old singer with a hand wheel – one of us would turn the handle, whilst the other guided the fabric, our barbie’s were the best dressed in our village!

  3. Awesome buy!!! that is the identical machine I grew up with and learned how to sew on…only my moms had the knee pedal to get it to sew!!! many hours spent on that machine and my mom still has it!!! She has moved on to other machines but for sewing heavier fabrics , its still her favourite!!!

  4. What an exciting find. My heart is beating fast just knowing the feeling you had while at the thrift shop and finding this. What a thrill!
    I pet all the sewing machines at the thrift store and bring most home.
    Just because…….lol

  5. You make me laugh the way you use your back pain as an excuse for buying a cabinet. Yes, I know what you mean! And what a steal for 5$?? woowee. Can we see the before and after pics of the cabinet. Your hubby will make that look real sweet!!

  6. What a deal!! My upper back and neck just do not like sewing with the machine sitting on a tabletop unless I have an adjustable height chair or stack up chairs to raise me up. When my Pfaff machine didn’t fit in the cabinet I bought with my old Viking, DH did a little creative sawing to make it fit too. Can’t drop the machine down either, but it’s worked great otherwise.

  7. I think you might feel some pain when I tell you this, but I have one like that singer up stairs in the attic. It hasn’t been touched in years. I believe it was my grandmother’s sisters, and one of those two is probably the last person to use it. In fact I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I believe it only needs a belt. I had it on display for a bit, and then shuffled it back up to the attic. Heart ache, right?

  8. I don’t think that is a 66-16. I think it is a Singer 15 series – which people are still paying close to $200 for. It has a fabulous straight stitch, perfect for piecing and a great vertical bobbin for free-motion quilting. The tip off is the tension assembly on the front of the machine instead of the tension facing the operator. If it has no belt and what is called a potted motor – it’s probably a 15-91. If it has a belt – it could be a 15-90. You can look up the serial number on the Singer website to find out. Usually these old machines (aside from wiring) just need some cleaning and oiling and they’re good to go. What a great find! Enjoy!

  9. Jo – I too am an addict. We owned a sewing machine store in CA in my younger days & I worked there for several years. I own 4 old Singers (you can find the year & place made on the web). Singer has a web page that has a list of all the serial numbers & information. Enjoy!

  10. Grandma Pins had a really nice Singer that none of the daughters wanted. Spencer said, “What do you need a new machine for… you have three.” I got to thinking… My Bernina, my Singer treadle, and my Singer from you. I guess I am an addict too.

  11. I hope the sewing cabinet works for you. When I go to retreats I always bring a small table to sew on, If I just put my machine on the regular table…within an hour my back is done. Height makes a big difference.

  12. Jo if you get that machine to working your going to love it. My sewing buddies and I all own feather weights and love love love them. Sew like a dream. Hope yours get fixed, to enjoy.

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