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Another Schnibble?

It’s been said before.  It’s worth saying again.  Schnibble quilts are SO addiciting.  Here’s my latest….


…Lincoln.  It isn’t part of the Schnibbles of the Year.  I just had the pattern and the fabric so I put it together.  This quilt, like most of mine, has a story.  I’ll tell the story when I get the quilt finished which I am hoping to get to tonight. 

My State Fair Schnibble is patiently waiting for it’s turn with the quilt machine so are about three other flimsies.  I need a free weekend…but those are so rare in the summer.

Footnote:  Schnibbles are a line of patterns designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosies Quilt Company.  Schnibbles typically use two charm packs (80-  5″ squares) along with a bit of yardage.

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