Another Reason to Love Whittles

It’s no secret, I love Whittles Fabrics.  They have the best prices, often $5 a yard, for buying fabric.  Their service is fast, helpful and friendly too.  Never have I had a complaint about them.

Well Whittles recently updated their website.  Typically I hate when place do that because I can’t navigate the sites as quickly for awhile as I get familiar with the new layout…but this time, no complaints.  I love the new site.  I especially love the new feature they have.  Check this out.

I went with the intention of buying some backing fabric but needed a couple other dark blue prints too.  I put what I wanted in the cart and then saw that they had another button at the bottom of my shopping cart.  It said, “Preview Fabric in Block”.  On a whim I hit the button.


It came to this screen.  I clicked on a block.


The block appeared in the window.  Then I dragged the fabric swatch into the boxes near the #3.


My fabric swatches then showed up in the block.  I can see if they are the right tone or shade.  I can see if the fabrics look good together.  How cool is that??

I love it and know that Kelli and I will use this little tool often.  THANKS so much Whittles for making on line shopping easier.  Honestly, one of my goals is to get to come and visit you all in person.  Time and time again my blog readers tell me about their visits to your store.

I am off to order the fabric.  I was so excited about this I stopped in the middle of my order to write a blog post about it!!

7 thoughts on “Another Reason to Love Whittles”

  1. Ah yes, Whittles. Three or four times in the last several years a friend and I have driven 4 hours to Whittles to shop and then driven 4 hours home. Totally worth it.

  2. I’d love to buy from Whittles because even with postage their fabric is way cheaper than in the UK, but they don’t post to Europe. They post to Australia tho.

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