Another Quilting Countdown

Sunday, my sister and her husband celebrated 40 years of being married.  The Thursday before, I decided I would make a MAD dash at getting a quilt made to mark the event….I debated about colors and decided on pink and blue.  I got the quilt cut out Thursday and the blocks partially sewn on Friday.

I got up EARLY Saturday morning to get a jump start on it.  By 10 am, this was my progress….


By 1:30 I had the quilt top together and into my Pfaff Grand Quilter.   Then I ran Kalissa off to guitar lessons and play.  I got back home at 7 pm, and started quilting it on my machine.  Our daughter Kayla came home and visited me while I was quilting.  We ordered a pizza and then it was back to pick Kalissa up from the play at 9:30 pm.  Kayla and I stayed up until midnight finishing the machine quilting…then off to bed.

I was up a 6 am to sew the binding on and out to try to take a few pictures by 7 am.  I wrapped it up and then we were off to the party.


I didn’t get a chance to preview the photos as I was racing the clock.  I wish I would have had the time.  As they are not the best.


I quilted little hearts into the machine quilting along with both of my sister and her husband’s names.  The quilt ends up being 63.5 x 81.5…great for a picnic quilt. 

The design is not as complicated as it looks.  It’s made of nine patch blocks and hourglass blocks.   I surprised myself again by finishing it on time.  We have another wedding in two weeks….although I had fun, I don’t know if I am up to racing the clock again.

By they way….I have a great sister and a great brother in law.  One of my first memories in my life was when George asked me if it was okay if he married my sister-she was nineteen, I was three.  I was sitting in mom’s green living room chair when I told him yes and I have not regretted it.  Judy and George really make being married look like the best thing on earth and fortunately, that’s an example of a happy marriage that I grew up seeing.  So George and Judy….Thanks and Congratulations…..

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