Another Quilt Countdown

Yes…I did it to myself again.  I am RUSHING to finish a quilt.  Here’s what it looked like this morning. 

 It needs to be finished for a wedding on Saturday.  I have faith that it will get done but in the mean time, it’s causing a bit of drama. 

To start with, my daughter Kelli and I decided to make it together.  She was going to do the top…I would quilt it.   Last week when I talked to her on the phone, she said she was pinning it together.  We were planning to meet on Saturday and go to a couple quilt shops so I thought I would get the quilt top from her on Saturday and start quilting it on Sunday….well it hasn’t quite worked that way. 

Kelli gave me the BLOCKS Saturday.  When she said she was pinning it together, I assumed the blocks to the blocks not the pieces to the pieces….hubby said let’s go shopping on Sunday.  (that never happens so I had to go)…Sunday night I realized it was just blocks not a quilt top so I started piecing them together.  I turned a bunch of the blocks the wrong way because I was trying to hurry…THEN I realized that Kelli didn’t send the fabric with to finish it.  I called her and she didn’t answer…called again no answer…

Kelli finally called me back and guess what.  She used all the brown fabric and there wasn’t enough cream fabric.  This morning I was off to the quilt shop.  No brown fabric but there was some cream so now the design is changing a little.  No one will know but me so it’s not a big deal….

This sounds very do-able…after all Saturday is a few days away but of course, this all had to be on one of my busiest weeks of the year.  I teach two nights and have a conference to teach at on Saturday…teaching conferences sounds easy but it’s a long week of prepping.

Our daughter Kayla called and I was explaining the drama to her.  Good news…she volunteered to sew the binding on Saturday before the wedding if I don’t get it done before.  Somehow it will get done….

Check back later in the week to watch the drama unfold.

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