Another Quick and Easy Hot Pad Holder

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I am at it again…making hot pad holders.  This time I am using my Accuquilt Go! tumbler die.  Here’s a short video that shows you how.

These are quick and easy and a great way to use scraps.

If  you don’t have a Go! it is still do-able.  Just make yourself a tumbler shape.  Try making it about 3.5″ on the narrow end, 6.5″ on the wide end and make it about 6.5″ tall.

If you’re looking for other more hot pads holder tutorials you can check this out too.  This one is made with your basket die…

Did any of you put a Go! on your Christmas list?  I’ve got my a few more dies on my wish list…

3 thoughts on “Another Quick and Easy Hot Pad Holder”

  1. Thanks for the demo. I had been wanting to make these and your demo makes it look simple. I have the large tumbler die so I am ready to go. Thanks

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