Another Painting Project

Several years ago at an auction I ended up with this old wooden box.  Hubby groaned when he saw but me…I saw some potential.  Little did I know then that the chest would become part of my testing of Annie Sloan’s Graphite Chalk Paint.


I only put a coat and a half of Graphite on the chest then sanded.  The rough sanding is the white streaks that you see.


Here’s how it looks after sanding, soft wax and then dark wax.  I have to laugh as so much of what I’ve read about chalk paint has warnings about the dark wax…Me, I love dark wax.


I painted the inside of the lid but not the inside of the box.  I can’t decide if I should do something different with the inside of leave it.

This is sitting for a couple days then I plan to sand a bit more…so far, I love it!!  Have I said how addicting chalk paint is???

…and yes I know I admonished painting wood but I am all for painting something I would never keep in the state the wood is at the present time.  This box has been in the garage for two years now and never used…now I just might use it…or sell it.

3 thoughts on “Another Painting Project”

  1. Keep it for sure. You could use it has a table put s lamp on it. Look at all the storage room it has. Keep your winter sweaters and quilts in it. Fill it with your Christmas items. Oh do not get rid of it.

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