Another Nurse in the Family

I am happy to say, we have another nurse in the family.  Kelli passed her LPN boards.

For those of you who don’t know, Kelli is our oldest child.  She had initially planned to go to college for nursing right out of high school.  Then the weekend of prom (for us the last Saturday in April) she panicked and decided that nope.  She wouldn’t go to Rochester to college to be a nurse.

Kelli being our oldest, really blindsided us with this news.  We didn’t realize how many times kids change majors and colleges.  She ended up going to Upper Iowa University for Marketing and Management.


Three and a half years later she panicked again.  She was ready to graduate but wasn’t ready to leave the country and get that big job…so she decided to stay at college and get a teaching degree.  She has that.  After student teaching she wasn’t so excited about teaching.  That’s about the time she started getting serious with Jason (her now husband).
Then she was contacted by a local company that was run by one of her former high school teachers and was asked to join their staff and she did.

A couple years later the company’s business was shipped overseas.  That left Kelli with same prospects….she didn’t really want to teach.  She didn’t really know where she could work in our rural area.  By now she was married to Jason.  He is a farmer and owns land.  She needed to find a job that would mesh with farming.

Because her job was shipped overseas and her company closed she had the option for a tuition grant…she took it and what did she do???  She went for nursing.  That was her first original plan.


So here we are..years later.  She’s finally a nurse.  Happily she’s now working a the nursing home in Ossian….she loves it.   She is only an LPN so she’s still going to college to get her RN degree.  In the back of her mind she would really love to go on and be a nurse educator.  She has her education degree so after her RN there isn’t a huge number of more classes.

It’s a good thing this girl loves to learn and like school….it feels like she’s been going to school for forever.

In the whole process Kelli has found out what it’s like to be the little sister too.  Being Kalissa finished at the same college last March, many know that the girls are sisters.  Being Kalissa is taller, they often assume Kalissa is the older sister and Kelli the younger sister.

I’m just happy to see her happy in a job and happy in a career….I know she is too.  She has another long hard year at school but hopefully at this time next year, Kelli will have her RN.

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  1. Yay Kelli! Many people go thru their whole lives without finding their passion. Good for you for finding yours even after a few false starts. Nurses are really special people. Congratulations on being one.

  2. Congratulation Kelli…a great accomplishment and wonderful to find something you love. “only an LPN”.. sorry to say that is a phrase that really bothers me. LPNs have a good education and much responsibility in the medical field. I wouldn’t want to be in the hospital without their care.

  3. Congratulations Kelli! It takes a lot to go back to school once you have been out for a while. I’m happy for you that you found something you love. We need good people in the medical field and none are more important than the nurses.!

  4. Congrats Kelli! You will be an AWESOME nurse! You have a great smile, a heart of gold and you will make your patients feel at ease. So happy for you!!

  5. Elizabeth McDonald

    Kelli is a super person! All of those slight deviations in educational direction will serve her in good stead. Getting her RN will be SO satisfying – and with the education training and degree she can conquer the world! What a Sweetie!

  6. Awesome! I was an LPN for many years. I had applied for a job that I had a lot of volunteer hours in but they wanted an RN….. So I went back to school. never did that job but had many fullfilling times.
    There may not be many colleges near you, but there are programs for people with a bachlors degree to get their BSN and or Masters. Fast tracking it’s called here. Hoep she looks into that the workforce needs new eduacators.

  7. Congrats. Kelli! on our LPN degree. My granddaughter graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing last June and is working in a seniors’ home and loving it. She’s so happy she got her RN and sees a bright future ahead. I’m sure you will find the same.

  8. Congratulations Kelli – I am happy to hear about your graduation, and happy that you have a job that you love! Wherever you work, they are lucky to have you!

  9. Why when you ‘read more’ and expand the shorten blog post is there not a usable next or back button? Why do you have to go home then begin again with read more, back to home, etc.?

  10. OH and CONGRATULATIONS KELLI, I have a daughter you’d love to hang around because I think you both have the same desires.

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