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I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets.  What can I say??  I’ve also been trying to a little more conscious about waste as in how much garbage I produce…so when I saw this little microwave popcorn popper I decided to give it a try.

I have LONG been a fan of popcorn.  A HUGE fan.  My Dad was a popcorn eater.  I remember growing up, Mom had a big pan that she put on the burner of the stove and rocked it as the popcorn popped.

I remember days before the microwave, Dad would want buttered popcorn so Dad would put a slab on butter on the end of the butter knife, dip it in the popcorn and then eat the popcorn that stuck to the end of the butter knife.  That way every single piece he ate had butter on it.

Later mom got an air popper and dad had popcorn even more often.  I remember once Dad broke a tooth from a popcorn seed that didn’t pop but still, he ate lots of popcorn.

I take after my Dad and LOVE popcorn.  I have an air popper but it’s such a pain to dig out of the cupboard.  It makes so much popcorn and frankly, I don’t make it often as it’s all a bit of a pain.

Some of you might say microwave popcorn from the bag…I’ve tried it and have yet to find a brand I really like and it’s so easy to burn..or not get done.

So into my life comes the Tasty Microwave Popcorn Popper.  It was one of those “too good to be true” type things.  So…I tried it.

Using it was so easy.  Simply put popcorn in the lid to the line that you see, then dump the seeds into the bottom container..put a slab of butter in the top if you want butter….

Microwave it for 3ish minutes.

It came out like this….

…and the popcorn was fabulous!!  I loved it and the butter was perfect too.  There was enough salt in the butter that I didn’t even add butter.  The butter was “popped into the popcorn” so my hands didn’t feel sticky or slimy from butter.  That was awesome too.

This is a Pioneer Woman Pasta bowl and it’s about the perfect amount….sure I could eat more, but I really shouldn’t- so this, is just what I need.

You can find the Tasty Microwave Popcorn Popper HERE on Amazon.  This one is a 1.5 quart one.  I did see that they also have a 3 quart-sized one that you can find HERE.  I am adding it to my Amazon store in the kitchen section should you ever want to find it back and the link to the store is at the top of the page under the banner where it says, “Jo Recommends”.

I think they would be a great gift for a college student or a person who is single like me.  Like I said, I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets….

17 thoughts on “Another Kitchen Gadget”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    I may look for this!! I don’t shop Amazon but it must be available somewhere else. I like the air popper too but it is in storage. I stay with my brother and SIL until my apartment is available, they like microwave popcorn, it’s OK but …this might just do the trick and I don’t need a whole bag of popcorn either!!!

    Thanks for the idea!!

  2. My dad was an Army cook and when he made chili it was more of a soup. When we moved out west we found mexican chili was totally different. Then I had to learn to make southern style chili for my husband but I never knew of chili over rice!! I also learned that there are also many variations of SOS toast (another Army chow) I guess like your family we adapt changes to recipes to suit our family.

  3. I was given one of the bigger ones by a friend and I really really like using it. Growing up my family had pop corn every Sunday night and for many years I continued the tradition, now I just do it once in awhile. The pop corn comes out so good as you said. I gave one of the smaller ones to my daughter and she likes it too. Pampered Chef has a silicone one, but being PC, too expensive.

  4. I’m curious, does the butter spatter the microwave since it’s not covered? Otherwise, this looks like a great way to have a smaller amount of popcorn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I checked it out since we are huge popcorn fans and hate microwave popcorn and all the chemicals. The reviews for your popper on amazon were terrible. I’m bummed. Thought I was on to something.

  6. I really like the idea of gifting it to someone going off to college. I really like my air popper and I’ve had it for ages and it still makes great popcorn. My family always had popcorn on Saturday along with homemade pizza. Thanks for the review on this item

  7. I had one that did not pop the corn without butter in the top. Ended up donating to goodwill. I too thought it was a great idea, just not for me. I make mine in the microwave by putting about 1/4 cup of popcorn in a brown paper bag, lunch bag size. Fold down the top and put it in the microwave for the popcorn cycle. Add your salt or butter or parmesan cheese when you are done. Microwave convenience without the chemicals.

  8. I liked that popper too until I ended up having to buy 3 of them because they would develop a little crack or chip in the rim. They didn’t last long. Finally I got a silicone one from amazon for about 12 dollars that works better and makes more if I want to. Also if you use Orville Redenbocker white popcorn it has fewer husks in the popped corn. You will have to melt butter in a separate dish with the silicone popper.

  9. I had to laugh at this post because my 17 year old son is a popcorn freak. As in every. Single. Day. He must have his popcorn. My microwave is always a mess from his unpopped popcorn kernels since he just pops it in a large mixing bowl with a microwave safe cover. He actually had one of these- not sure if it’s the same brand- and it exploded in the microwave. We threw it out but my mom had bought a pack of several so we still have one around here. I have to think he did something wrong so maybe I’ll have hubby try it. I can’t stand popcorn since working at a movie theatre when I was young-it’s weird but I hate the smell now, I used to love it!

  10. My dad Loved popcorn and he made popcorn every Sunday night to eat while he watched 60 minutes. I associate popcorn with so many memories that it is comfort food to me ( silly, I know). My own children love popcorn too! Two Christmas’s ago, my husband bought us a small theater style popper so we can have movie theater type popcorn everyday!

  11. I bought one about 3 years ago. Use it regularly. Completely replaced “microwave popcorn in a bag.” Now I just buy popcorn by the pound, like I used to. Much more cost effective.

  12. I bought the smaller one at the thrift store and love it. No nasty chemicals otherwise is microwave popcorn. I do melt butter separately.

  13. I too eat a lot of popcorn, hate MicroWave packaged popcorn. I find for just one the brown paper bag works for me. If you live in the Midwest try HyVee brand popcorn kernels. For me these pop the best as I really prefer white popcorn.

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