Another Jimmy John Quilt

Our FREE pattern Jimmy John has been hugely popular.  I have gotten several notes from readers that they are making the quilt and are loving it.  I recently got a note from Elizabeth.

The note said, “Thank you for the free pattern-LOVE IT! Here’s my take on it. I used fabric that was gifted to me. The giver got it in Australia-the prints were aboriginal like; very cool. Anyway, I gave her the quilt yesterday and she was speechless. She bought the fabric to make a quilt but never did, so now she has a quilt with fabrics that were meaningful to her from her trip to Australia.”

Luckily she added picture of her quilt and gave us permission to feature them here on the blog.

jimmy john (3)
Isn’t it pretty??  One of the things I love about this quilt is that it can be a great guy or a girl quilt.

Elizabeth was crafty and put together a cute backing too.

back of JJ (2)

I think the story of the quilt is fun too…gifting back a quilt that was made with fabrics that were gifted to you!  FUN!

Thanks for sharing your quilt with us Elizabeth!

If anyone is looking for the free pattern you can find it here.  There are also many more free patterns on the site.  You can find them in the right hand column of the blog or under the banner in the FREE patterns section.

2 thoughts on “Another Jimmy John Quilt”

  1. I know what you mean about completing the quilt and returning it. In 2008 I was visiting my sister-in-law in Minnesota and she showed me a kit she picked up at the Minnesota Shop Hop. Very nice kit done in beiges, eggplant and rusts. The prints were very Minnesota and one of the prints had lake names on it. Their cabin was on one of the lakes listed. The next summer when I visited she had still not worked on it so I cut it out and bagged and tagged it for her (summer 2009). I would ask her over the years how it was going and found she had not worked on it. Early this year I called my niece and with Michelle’s help, her dad sent the kit to me. I finished it and quilted it this summer. I now have it ready to take back to her. She knows that I am bringing up the quilts I made for Michelle, Melissa and Matt but has no idea I have hers. I can’t wait to deliver it. On the label, I put the date of the hop and this year’s date with the note that “NOW it’s finally done!”

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