Another Dead Appliance

You might remember that our refrigerator died a month or so ago…well now this.  Luckily it’s just my grill.  Check out the burned out spot on the plug in.  I noticed it about a week ago and said something to Hubby.  He said order a new grill.

I asked him if I could still use the grill until the new one arrived and “Mr. Volunteer Fireman” gave me the okay.

I went on Amazon to get one and saw they had just cords or the had complete sets.  I was going to order cord only but decided to wait and see what Hubby thought.  Then I forgot about it.


Two days later I went to use the grill again and remembered I didn’t order one.
I found them on Amazon again and asked Hubby.  He said just get a complete new one.  I ordered the Bethany Housewares 730 Heritage Grill.

I went to use our old grill Tuesday night and UGH.  It no longer worked.  It was completely dead.  I was back to making grill cheese sandwiches in the frying pan.

Luckily the new grill came on Wednesday.  That made me happy.  I love this grill…completely love it.

I bought my original one years ago at a thrift store for something like $15.  I had always hoped to learn to make lefse.  (something I still haven’t done)  The grill sat and sat but I didn’t learn.  Then one day our regular griddle died.  I didn’t have any money to get a new one and this was in the cupboard so I started using it.  It was love at the first flip of a pancake.  I’ve loved it ever since.

Karl and Kalissa our youngest two were living at home during this and they grew to love the grill too.  Both of them now own.  In fact, when Kalissa moved out, she said the grill was the thing she missed the most.  She uses hers so much that she keeps it out on the counter and never puts it away.

Most people use the grills for lefse.  Not me.  I use it for everything else.

Here’s a short list of things…
Grill cheese
pancakes and French toast
fried eggs
breakfast sandwiches
fried potatoes
pork chops
american fries
hash browns

The grill gets MUCH hotter than a regular griddle.  There are no places in between the coiled cord that are cooler spots on the grill.

We used to use the outdoor grill to make steaks and pork chops…not anymore.  I throw a pat of butter on the indoor grill and fry up a steak along with come onions, mushrooms and peppers.  It is so good…and not need to run in and out.

I wouldn’t be without the grill.  Honestly, I think I use it at least every other day and sometimes twice the next day.  I’m just happy that when it died it didn’t start a fire..that cord looked nasty.

6 thoughts on “Another Dead Appliance”

  1. I’m really interested in this grill. One question: how much spattering occurs when you grill meats? Do you set this on the stove or the counter? My husband likes to fry meats in a cast iron skillet on HIGH heat and it can really make a mess. I’m thinking this grill might make us both happy.

  2. FYI……For those interested in buying a griddle. I ordered mine through Bed, Bath and Beyond. Their price was slightly less than Amazon. The store ordered it for me, accepted my store coupon and I paid no mailing fee. It was a win -win for me. I have no affiliation with BB and Beyond, but I love a bargain.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  3. How do you like your new refrigerator? Mine is hopefully on its last legs, and I need to start hunting for a new one.

  4. I’m right there with you with my appliances. Our oven has been limping along since Thanksgiving. They put in a new sensor, but it is still giving me error messages. The tech said not to use the self cleaner, or it might die altogether. Last month ice maker froze up, and the dishwasher sprung a leak. Our appliances are all between 13 and 20 years old, so I guess it is time.

  5. Oh yum – lefse! It is pretty easy to make, but time consuming. With your ‘family’ of griddles you could team up and make lots of lefse!

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