Another Charity Quilt

I managed to finish up another charity quilt over the weekend.


This top was sent to me by Pam again…wow that girl does a lot of charity quilting.  I really wanted a green for the binding but I couldn’t find any so this blue color was also in the quilt so I made do and although not my first choice, still it was okay.  Pam has a really good eye for color.

There were so many flowers in the quilt so I used a simple floral motif with some loops in between.  Nothing fancy but great for a charity quilt.


This one is a large lap size…I haven’t heard anything in regards to that quilts musts be bed sized so I am sending this one along with others to the Midwest tornado victims.

I have a few more quilts upstairs that I would really like to get quilted and sent.  I am giving myself until Thursday to see if I can complete a couple more.  Then they are being shipped out as we have another busy weekend in store here and I know I won’t get anything done then.

I was gifted some fabric to use for charity quilts.  I just don’t have time to sew the quilt tops though.  Is anyone who might be interested in sewing a couple quilt tops if I provide most of the fabric??  Let me know.

8 thoughts on “Another Charity Quilt”

  1. You were so gracious in providing quilts for Lyons, Colorado that I would happily make one for you. We were able to send lots to Lyons and since it is now 10 degrees and snowing here
    they are providing warm and cozy hugs in a quilt. Thanks to all of you who sent quilts. You are deeply appreciated.

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