Another Blast From the Past

It’s Homecoming week here…the kids dress crazy.  Kalissa, our 16 year old daughter, loves the hoopla of it all.

Monday was tacky day.  They were supposed to wear anything that looked tacky.  I found this brightly colored piece of clothing at the thrift store for $1.50.  It definitely fit the tacky theme.


Today it was back in time….


She’s wearing my wedding dress.  If that isn’t a “blast from the past”, I don’t know what is!  It’s wrinkled…I offered to press it but she declined the offer.   It’s a bit sentimental to see my daughter in my dress…I wore it 25 years ago.  My mom made my dress.  She did a wonderful job…she did pass down the love of sewing to me…but no way, no how does that translate into loving to sew clothes.  The love of sewing clothes was passed to my sister.  She does amazing work too.  I am glad I got the quilting bug instead.  Amazingly, all my quilts always fit and if they don’t I can just add a border.

Kalissa spent much of the morning working on her hair do…which turned out AMAZING.  I wish the camera lighting had been better so you could see it.

Tomorrow she is suppose to wear purple which reminds me….I am suppose to have a costume altered for the event.  I best get to living in the present and go get that done.

4 thoughts on “Another Blast From the Past”

  1. So precious!! I had my dress preserved in case my daughter ever wants to wear it, but I’m seriously thinking about taking it out. I’d love to try it on, and the chances of her wanting to get married in it are slim, you know… Good for you to let her wear it!

  2. love to hear the different themes this kids think of. My daughter of course pj monday, tuesday was cowboys and aliens and today was spy day.Tommorow tacky tourist and friday black and orange, school colors.

  3. Awesome that your daughter is able to fit into your dress. No way would my daughter fit into mine. She is shaped totally different than I am and my dress would be too small for her. My dress is packed in an acid free box and has been for 32 years.


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