Another Awesome Charity Quilt for House of Hope

Blog readers often send unwanted quilt tops to support charity projects to me to finish.  Me, along with the help of some great machine quilters and volunteer binders, get the quilt tops finished and off to charities or charitable projects.  If you’d like to learn more about the charity quilt project, follow this link.

Another Beautiful Charity Quilt Finish!

This quilt top was made by Barb in Michigan.  What a beautiful combination of prints:  blue, tan, gold and brown.  I mailed this top to Cheryl in Dallas, and she quilted and did the binding for this treasure. The quilt top is on the longarm with the computer doing a digital edge-to-edge pattern.


What a fun quilt pattern.  It looks very complicated, but the computer makes it easy!  This one is called Gypsy Feathers, designed by Donna Kleinke.  It is available at


A combination of feathers and floating bubbles.



The finished quilt in a Dallas backyard.  The quilt is 78″ x 90″, a generous twin-size.



Notice how the blue and brown blocks surrounding the center are four different patterns:  pinwheels, 9-patches, half square triangles, and flying geese.

Don’t you love the intricate center motif?  Barb machine stitched the center pinwheel, and the thread for each blade of the pinwheel matches the fabric.  How’s that for attention to detail!


Barb included matching fabric for the quilt back.  That is a nice contribution, but certainly not necessary for the charity quilt tops you sent in.


There was enough of the backing fabric left over to make the binding.  Doesn’t it just “go” with the front of the quilt?


Barb’s quilt is on the way to House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  House of Hope is home for 7 to 10 women at the time who have recently been released from jail.  The gals stay for 6 months while they learn a new way to live without resorting to the activities that haunted their past lives.  The House operates on a very small budget provided by the local churches and businesses; very little is spent on luxuries or frills  These quilts are almost as beautiful as the smiles on the faces of the women when they get their “welcome” gift.


A HUGE thank you to both Cheryl and Barb for their great work in helping out House of Hope!!


8 thoughts on “Another Awesome Charity Quilt for House of Hope”

  1. What a beautiful quilt and what a wonderful organization for it to go to. Bravo to everyone who made this possible. I love reading all the lives that the charity quilts touch. Thank you to each of one of you

  2. This is a beautiful quilt!! Congrats to both of you quilters for making it happen!
    Um, how do I access previous posts? I missed yesterday’s but can’t find a “previous post” button….so I see you have upgraded your posts to a single showing at a time….

  3. Love the quilting and the gals at our House of Hope here in Gainesville will treasure it. It is probably the first thing anyone handmade for the girls coming in. Good job

  4. This is truly a lovely quilt and your quilting is wonderful! Yes, the backing is a great match for the quilt. Congrats to Barb, Cheryl and you for such a beautiful quilt, someone is going to be very happy to receive it.

  5. Dear Jo and Cheryl: wow, I am absolutely stunned of what you have made out of my quilt top! It is a 1000 times better than I could ever imagine! The quilting is just fabulous – Thank you so much! So very glad I sent it to you and hope it will help someone in need.

    1. It was a wonderful top. I’ve seen Cheryl’s awesome work and knew she could make this shine. Together you two did great things!!

  6. Cheryl in Dallas

    Barb in MI — you did such a wonderful job of piecing this quilt top. It is heads and shoulders above the charity quilts that I piece. This is going to be a treasure to the gal who receives it. Most of these women have never owned a handmade gift, and each quilt becomes so special to the recipient. Thanks for your labor of love. Thanks for sending it to Jo so it can get into the hands of a woman who will enjoy it.

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