Another Adventure with Ila

On Saturday my blog reader Ila was back for another visit to Iowa.  Her husband was back for more car parts so we decided to meet up for lunch again.  This time we went to Independence.  This time my daughters Kalissa and Kayla tagged along.  Kalissa hadn’t met Ila before so she was in for a fun day!!

Our plan was to meet up at the local quilt shop but they were closed!!  WHAT??  Last week the quilt shop that we were going to visit was closed too.  We just seem to have no luck with quilt shops.

We ended up at Okoboji Grill.  We chatted while we ate and ended up sitting there a couple hours.  We laughed and laughed.  Ila is a hoot!!  Then we ended up at the Dairy Queen for dessert.  By that time it was late so we headed up to meet Ila’s husband.  He was ready to go so we hurried along.  Can you believe I didn’t get a picture of us?? I had planned on taking one when we dropped Ila off with her husband then it a flurry of hurrying I didn’t get it taken..

I did get a picture of this though…

chocolateCoveredPineapple guessed it.  Ila treated us again and they are so good.  What’s extra nice is that they come in packs…80 calories each.  It’s been a wonderful treat!!

She gifted me some scraps and some fabric for a charity quilt….I’ll show you that in the next stash report.

But the best treat of all was seeing Ila again….As were driving away after dropping Ila off Kalissa said to me-Mom, I just feel like she’s my fairy godmother.  To be honest, that’s about the best description ever.  Thanks Ila for letting us know you were coming our way, thanks for lunch and the goodies but thanks most of all for your friendship.

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