Animal Rescue Update

I thought I would pop in and give you a little update on my animal rescue life…

First off an update on my garage kitty…You can read the story about how I found a cat in my garage HERE if you missed it.

She was taken to the vet, give shots, spayed, and then went to her new home. She went to the farm where my husband worked and now my son-in-law Craig works. If you look at the picture below, she’s the little one on the left.

Hannah, her new owner, wrote to me:
Little girl (I named her Millie) is doing SO well here at the farm! She doesn’t let the adult cats shove her out of the way at mealtime, and after a few days of hiding in the West barn she now sleeps with everyone else on their heated bed. Lucky girl! Thanks so much for saving her, Jo!

Don’t you just love happy endings??

I told you about the lab/pitbull/terrier mixed puppies. You can read that story HERE.

They are doing so much better and quickly gaining weight. We started adopting them out on Tuesday. As of my writing, two of the boys have found new homes, and the blonde girl has a home.

Good news on the parents of these pups too. They both have appointments to be spayed and neutered in the next two weeks or so. YAHOO!! That was a giant, important part of this rescue.

One of the gals who is involved with the foster group I volunteer with was great. She has a personal contact with someone at the Humane Society in Dubuque, Iowa. She talked to them and they will take any pups we don’t find a home for but it would be at the end of next week before they can go. That’s promising just in case we don’t find homes for them all. In the meantime, we are working to find homes so the shelter doesn’t end up overwhelmed with these guys.

My boss has been great and has allowed them to stay at the vet clinic.

That has cleared me to foster pups again…and yes. Some needed fostering.

Meet the gang from Star Wars…There are three boys and one girl.

The biggest boy, in the front on the left, is Chewbacca. Behind him is Hans. The red one in the front is Luke and the buff one in the back right is Leah.

They came from an Amish breeder. There were five but the farmer couldn’t catch the last one. UGH. Maybe we can get it on another stop as I’m sure we’ll be called back there. I’m just hoping we can get him before he grows up and becomes a breeder. UGH. I hate to even think about it.

These are supposed to be purebred heelers. None of us who have seen them believe that as they have fuzzy fur. The one in the front right looks like she could be a purebred heeler. The others are so fuzzy. We’re wondering if there might be an Australian Shepherd mixed with a heeler. We do know an Australian Shepherd is on the premises and he isn’t fixed. This is why we never guarantee what breed a dog is.

Aren’t they so cute? I’ll be fostering Chewbacca and Hans the two dark-colored boys on the left. The gals at the vet clinic know I’ll be taking them to work with me and those are the two they wanted me to foster so they could play with them at work. HA!!

I’m so blessed to work at a place that lets me foster dogs and bring them to work.

We don’t often get heeler pups in so I’m hoping these will be snatched up quickly. Anyone interested??

On another note…three lab/retriever mixes came to the foster on the same day these four came in. We are deep in puppies. Those were all named names from the movie Grease. There is Danny, Sandy, and Rizzo. So fun!

If you want to see the endings to these puppy stories, please go to the Heart Animal Rescue page and like it. You can find their page HERE. Then you will see who was adopted along with the families the puppies went to. In all the ickiness in the world, I love seeing something happy in my Facebook feed.

If you want to do something helpful that won’t cost you a penny, sign up to like the HEART Facebook page. Then like and share the posts. It increases the algorithm and more people see the posts.

Thanks for cheering the rescue on!!

8 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Update”

  1. So many cute, cute puppies! I hope they all get his or her forever home. Your job is a perfect fit for you – the people there sound wonderful to work with!!

  2. I wonder why so many breeders are amish? Doesn’t sound like pups necessarily fare well in the amish hands. So sad for the pups but glad you guys can take them & find them good families.

  3. Uh-oh! You better change a name. The character is Han Solo, not Hans. Although, they are Amish puppies, lol. Seriously, the name should be Han in keeping with the rest. Nice if Han and Chewie could stay together and if L & L could do the same.

  4. I’m glad your rescue cat has gone to a great home. It looks like she’s settled in well.
    The vet practice you work at is the best! It reminds you that there are good people in the world.

  5. I am SO impressed by all the kindness and help you provide animals needing rescue. Love you quilt posts but your rescue posts have become my favorites.

  6. Oh Jo, I have to tell you. We haven’t had cats for several years, and a few weeks ago my husband said, “I want a cat”. I’ve been wanting a cat also. Sooo, three weeks ago he was out in a neighboring small town and when he came out of the bar/restaurant there was this kitty. Her ears were frozen off and it was evening and she wasn’t in a house. So he brought her home, we named her Miss Kitty since she was found outside a bar. (I thought of the tv show Gunsmoke with Miss Kitty). We since found out that her owner had left town and she was living on the streets. Then we thought, Miss Kitty needs a friend. We checked on Facebook and in a different nearby town, a gal showed a kitty that was homeless and kept coming around her house. We went to get this kitty. We named her Millie (just like your garage cat). In fact Millie and Miss Kitty have the same coloring as your garage cat. We took both cats to the vet for a wellness checkup and shots, Miss Kitty was spayed (sp?). We will bring Millie back to get spayed when she is healthier and puts on a little weight, she is sooo thin. Both kitties are settling in nicely and are happy to have a home.

  7. So happy for Millie. She really settled in quickly. That is great. Glad the other cats let her join them so quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that fast.

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