Angel Quilts from Ray

Ray is at it again…Oh my that man is busy.  I just love seeing the results as I am sure all of you do as well.

Ray writes:
I received an email from a parishioner earlier this week. He had pulled a tag off of the Angel Tree at church, The Angel Tree is an outreach project in association with The Children’s Home Society. The tag was a request by an eight-year-old boy for a blanket for Christmas.  The email wanted to know if it would be possible for me to make him a quilt. Of course, I said sure and sent him some pics of tops from which to choose. He selected the Monsters U. quilt from the Cresco ladies.

I found some backing material from Deb and Pat in FL to use for the backing.

After some deliberation, I went with the circle meander to go along with the various circles and polka dots on the top. I used a navy blue thread on the top so as to not interfere with the fabric and a blue/green thread on the back to match the fabric. Many thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for your contributions. I am positive you have put a BIG smile on this little guy’s face for Christmas.

And the story continues…

As I was loading the Monsters U. on the long arm, it dawned on me that if there was one tag asking for a blanket, there might be more. I contacted the church office and they said they would check. Sure enough, there were two more wishes. One of them was a baby blanket for a newborn male.

Now to see what might be in the stack of flimsies that I had not quilted. Yes, close to the top was just what I was looking for.

The top was from Jean in WI and it was made of animal blocks with blue omber sashing.

It was 36 x 39. Perfect size and the right color.

Now I needed backing. Nothing in the flannels. Bingo! Staring at me was the fish fabric from Beth L in FL.

More blue and more fun. I used a simple stipple stitch with white thread so that the animals could easily be seen. Thanks to you, Jean and Beth for your contributions for this boy baby blanket to be donated to The Children’s Home Society. I am sure this boy will enjoy your quilt for many years to come.

The second quit wish was for a blanket for a 2-month-old female. Back to the stack of flimsies to find the mate to the blue blanket.

Found. It has the same animal blocks but has warm ombre color sashing. This one was also from Jean in WI.

When digging through the flannels I remembered a bright, warm, bold flannel that just might work. Yes, there it was and it was perfect.

The flannel was from Deb and Pat in FL., Deb, Pat, and Beth.  Again I went with the stipple stitch and white thread.

I found another fabric from Beth L in FL to use for the binding. Thanks to you, Jean, Pat, Bed, and Beth for all your contributions to make this fun, warm and exciting quilt for this 2-month-old little girl and the donation to The Children’s Society of Florida. I am sure it will be used and played with for years to come

Oh wow…this is such a happy story.  I thought those two quilt tops with the ombre sashing were wonderful.  I never thought to use an ombre fabric in that way.  I think it’s so special that the quilt tops came at just the perfect time!!  Many thanks to everyone.

22 thoughts on “Angel Quilts from Ray”

  1. What a lovely happy Christmas story. Three delightful quilts finished by Ray. He really has a talent for bringing donated tops to life with his quilting. What beautiful gifts to be received at Christmas. Well done, Ray, keep up the good work.

  2. You and your network of supporters lift my heart, and often on days that I especially need it. You mentioned a Childrens home and it reminded me that my dad was once in an orphanage near his home in Eagle Grove, IA. It was the 1930s. The kindness of strangers really can help keep life on a good course for someone, even delivered in one blanket. Your love is transported through these works.

  3. This is the reason to keep making charity quilts!! Good job Ray, Jo and all the stitching community making wishes come true!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Love those children’s quilts. I have great nieces and nephews just the right age for some of them. Thanks for making your quilts with ombre sashing Jean. They are great, Ray doe a great job of matching colors.

  5. How the kids and families will be so surprised!!!!!!!!!! I am sure they were thinking a Wall-Mart special and they are getting a family keepsake. No they are getting something to love and to use until it falls apart. I bet Ray will have more requests next year. We better get busy now:-). Merry Christmas.

  6. Hello, I read your article with much joy in my heart! I would like to share my story. I know I am not alone in recycling things to make quilts but would like to inspire others to do so also. My best friend of 34 years passed away from cancer. Her oldest daughter had been trying to get pregnant and found out she was just weeks before her Mom passed away. As we were going through her Mothers closet I encouraged the girls to look for things that could be used in a baby quilt. Her oldest daughter had found out it was a little girl. So we used her Mother’s favorite pink bathrobe soft and beautiful. The four corners were the two pockets and the material behind the pockets. I did this so that the little ones hands, as all child like to hold onto the corners, could be where her Grandma’s hands had been. I then made pillow tops out of the rest of the bathrobe. So each of her children have a pillow, they hold it when they miss their Mom. Their Father also had passed away 5 years before this from Cancer. So they all have a sweater pillow from their Dad’s sweaters.. I have lots of clothes/material to make more quilts. Another daughter just found out she is expecting, so I will be makkng another one next year! It is so healing for them and for me, as sewing them there is a lot of tears. But feel so honored to be able to do this in memory of their Mother.

  7. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    What a heart warming story. I am inspired to make more quilts to warm others’ hearts. Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a thrill to read how each one of these quilts came to be!
    Ray has put his “magic” on each of these quilts again! Thanks to all the “helpers” with quilt tops, fabric etc and to Jo who gets the process started. It is a great gift to give.

  9. What a beautiful Christmas story! Ray is truly an awesome person and quilter. Thank everyone for the donations and help. Jo, you are absolutely spreading love and kindness all over the states! Blessings to you and your family!

  10. What a perfect uplifting story of many hands making it possible to meet a need. Special blessings to all that were involved.

  11. When I boxed up my excess material and sent it to Ray, I had no idea what he would be creating. You are truly an artist. I can’t begin to thank all of the people who make these community quilts happen. As this strange year draws to an end, I find great hope and encouragement for a brighter tomorrow in the stories that have been shared in the making of these quilts. May you all stay well, enjoy your holidays as best you can, and happy sewing to all!

  12. Julie D…. your story brought tears to my eyes. Not in a bad way, it’s just so special. As were the wonderful gifts for the Angel Tree.

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