Anders Crumb Quilt Progress

I told you in my “What I’m working on” post that I needed to just stop and clean up my sewing room.  It wasn’t terrible but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted.  In the past, I’ve been able to shove things aside and sew with a mess there but this was about five projects worth of mess plus pictures that needed to be hung.

I worked on that on Monday and then I started organizing all of the random pieces I have for my grandson Anders’s baby quilt.  YES!  I do need to get working on that.  I might have it ready for his baptism if I ever get working on it.

If you’ve been following along you know that I’m made a series of Youtube videos showing you how I’ve been making this.

I have put in some time off-camera and have been making some of the inside pieces of the quilt.

I thought I would show you what I have and behind-the-scenes thoughts I have on this…

First off let me show you what I’m trying to make…a quilt something like this…  No two are ever the exact same but I’m guessing Anders’s will be close.

I am limiting my colors to yellow, red, and blue again.  I like the combo.  I think it makes a busy quilt look unified if the color choices are limited as well.  Of course, if you’re making one, do whatever you like.

I sorted my blocks into piles.  As soon as I have any free time I am going to show you how to make a few more blocks including a heart, log cabin, and spool.

I’m also going to show you how I make fillers and put the center together.  Adding onto blocks is something you’ll have to do too.  It’s all about sizing up or down once the blocks are all made.

I sorted into piles to see what I had and what I need to make.

One of the biggest problems I realized that I had is that I didn’t have enough yellow. So I made a few more blocks.  I still need a few more I think.

I think I need a few more pieces that have some kind of red background too.

Here’s another block I should probably talk about in my next video.  Having blocks that look like they are on point adds interest to the quilt.  I’ll show you how to do a few others like that.

I’m feeling like I’m organized enough to do another video or two…now I just need time.  Fingers crossed that I get some.  Thanks for being patient with me.

You can find my Youtube videos on how I make these quilts HERE.

13 thoughts on “Anders Crumb Quilt Progress”

  1. Looking forward to your next video. I enjoy your videos very much. Interested in learning how you make your blocks fit together. I have a method for fitting odd sized blocks together involving graph paper and lots of math, which I tell myself is good for my brain. However, I’m all for learning new ways of doing things.

  2. Your crumb quilts are amazing. I’ve really enjoyed experiencing your video commentary as you improve the letters and blocks. It makes it seem simple, fun, and totally doable. I love alphabet quilts (samplers, books, etc) and these finished quilts are just magical. Thank you for doing the extra work of the videos!

  3. In the picture with the blocks stacked in piles, what is the name of the red block inthe center of the top row? It has yellow half square triangles. The arrangement seems so unique to me.

  4. In the picture with the blocks stacked in piles, what is the name of the red block in the middle of the top row? It is red with yellow half square triangles. It seems like a unique block and I just keep looking at it.

  5. You are so creative! I always like how you make all these kind of odd looking blocks come together and make a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing these behind the scene pictures.

  6. These are all examples of some great blocks. I like this post because it would encourage me to just make a block. A few days later I might have a pretty clever quilt well on its way. Great post. Thank you.

  7. Hi Jo,
    Please consider a three (or four or five) part series of Just Make A Block. Pick a size 4-1/2″ or 6″ or 8″ or even 12″. I think many followers might be inspired.

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  9. I have really like all your quilts All so much.
    I do understand why you have so much incoming video shots and enjoy your self with it ! I’ve been doing it My self also. I’ve been doing it for 57 years. I am a Native American Indian artist. I a special needs person, age of January 29, 1965 ! Born in Gallup NM ! My Name is ( Pamela Davis ) !

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