…and We’re Home!!

I didn’t happen quite as easy as it sounds.  It never does go super smooth when juggling our family and the childcare.

First off…Carver had his own trip to the doctor’s.  He’s in for his THIRD set of tubes and taking his adenoids out today.

As cute as Carver is, he’s a hand full at the doctor’s office.  Kalissa was hoping someone would go with her.  Craig could but he’s used up quite a bit of personal leave time between Gannon’s birth, Gannon being sick and Kramer’s issues too so he was fine to go to work as long as Kalissa was okay. So…being Kelli had the day off, she went with Kalissa.

The plan was then for Kelli to come here to my house and finish up childcare so I could head over to Lacrosse and pick up Kramer.

Kelli initially said she’d some and do childcare even though she preferred to go with Kalissa.  That’s when I stepped in and explained that I am THRILLED to stay home and childcare.  I love Carver dearly but I’m tired of being with doctors.  I want to be with the childcare kiddos so that’s what we did.  I stayed and did childcare.  Kelli went with Carver and Kalissa.  That means I got time with these two too….

Kramer is getting stronger day by day.  The pneumonia is clearing up.  What a blessing.

As for Carver and his tubes.  The doctor came back and said that he believes Carver has had chronic sinus infections.  Carver has been a kid that has complained about headaches.  We’re wondering if the sinus infections could have been the culprit.  He’s getting some strong antibiotics for two weeks and will go back for a check up.  Hopefully this is what the poor guy needs.

Kramer is home and that makes my heart happy….Hopefully no trips to the ER or to the hospital anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “…and We’re Home!!”

  1. Yay “there’s no place like home”.

    Just what you needed some quality kid time. Enjoy while they are little as they grow up too fast.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Are you sure Carver is a handful at the doctor’s office? He sure is smiling! Cute pictures of the grandkids! So glad hubby is home!

  3. You make things sound so much simpler than we all know they are. I really don’t know how you do it! I try, but it’s hard! I truly admire your constant positivity! Bless you all and here’s hoping you get some normality back to your life.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    So glad things seem to be working out. Glad you got to enjoy your Grand Babies. They sure won’t be tiny long. Continuing in prayer.

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