And then there were TWO: Geese on a String

I finished up the second of my Geese on a String Quilts.  These are going to be presents for the childcare kiddos for Christmas.  I’m so happy to be this far along in my gift finishing.  I have four quilts I’m trying to get to get done and this one marks #3 as being done.  YAHOO!!  It always feels good to be ahead of schedule.

This one looks much like the first one I did only this one has more purple accents than pink like the first one had.

Personally I think I like this one just a tiny bit better…I’m more of a purple girl than a pink girl.  This one got a scrappy purple binding.  I used up a lot of purple as both were bound with scrappy purple.

One would think I’d be out of scraps…but trust me, I’m not anywhere near close to being out of scraps.  That’s okay though.  I think the day I would run out of scraps would be a sad day for me.

I am out of white scraps though.  If I need any, I’ll be needing to cut into yardage as I’m even out of white based fat quarters.

These are such happy quilts.  I did a simple loopy design for a motif on these.  They will be washed often so they need something that will stand up to the washings.
You can see that unlike the pattern, I made all the four patches in the same color scheme…all oriented the same direction.

Here they both are together….

The pink version is in the foreground..the purple version in the far ground.
It’s fun to see the two of them together.
I’ve learned overtime that if I am making two quilts of the same pattern that I need to work on them concurrently.  If I do one first, I lose my get up and go and the second quilt lags.

Here they are close so you can really see the differences.

Do you prefer the pink on the left..or the purple on the right??

Either version for Ruby….as long as she can sit on a quilt and get herself a treat for her efforts, she doesn’t care what she’s sitting on!!

That makes three finished…#4 is well on it’s way to being done too.  I couldn’t be happier about how things are going in the quilting department!!

For those curious-minded, the pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.  You can find the book HERE.  Here’s the original quilt…

I like the version in the book…but my geese blocks wouldn’t have looked right with that coloring…

Thanks so much for the pattern Bonnie.  These were so fun to make!!

28 thoughts on “And then there were TWO: Geese on a String”

  1. Oh Jo, this quilt is just too cute. I like them both but think I’ll lean more towards the purple as I really like purple. Keep up the great work and keep the inspiration coming.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Two fabulous quilts. Love them both, excellent idea to keep to two colours for the 4 patch blocks and having the same fabric (either pink or purple) for the setting triangles and the narrow inner border. It brings the scrappiness together and highlights the whole quilt design. I think I prefer the purple – by a whisker, because I love them both – because that strong purple hits you in the eye. Great work, Jo.

  3. I feel like I should vote for the pink, because I feel bad for it LOL. I actually like them both equally though. I think Bonnie would be happy to see how you took her pattern and made it your own.

  4. I’ve inherited a love for the color purple from my grandma so it’s the purple quilt for me! Jo, I can just feel the healing in your heart through your quilting posts. It seems to be the best medicine. Your childcare kiddos are blessed by a wonderful, loving, care provider.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    These are beautiful and wonderful lasting gifts. Let’s see if they use them to cuddle under when watching a program – or top off their bed in their room. I am thinking these go with them to college for sure. Great work Jo.

  6. I am a pink girl (my sister is a purple girl) so I like the pink one! Both are great and I totally agree with you about needing to make the two quilts at the same time using the same pattern. :D

  7. Great quilts! I favorite the color purple over pink but they’re both beautiful. I love your interpretation of Bonnie Hunter”s pattern.

  8. Love both the quilts. You have such a good eye for color. I do scrappy and they look ..well….scrappy. :( I will have to keep trying. LOL But I enjoy the sewing process, so that’s what keeps me motivated. Looking forward to see what fabrics you use for Bonnie Hunter mystery if you are in this year!!

  9. Katherine Gourley

    I love both quilts, Jo. I am a pink girl, but there is something about the purple quilt that I like a little better. I would love to be a childcare kid and get either one for Christmas. LOL

  10. They are both nice, but when I see them side by side, I would definitely pick the pink! It looks brighter to me, and I like bright colors.

  11. I like the purple better–not necessarily because it is purple, but because it is darker. You have me thinking about making one of these, maybe using an even darker color (deep blue?). But I should check my stash and go with whatever I have up there, probably. Time for me to make a quilting plan for 2020. My 2019 plan went awry pretty quickly but I always feel quite optimistic about next year during the autumn of the previous year. :)

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love the colors in both of yours…Bonnie’s, well, I really dislike orange!! I’d be much more likely to make this quilt after seeing yours then if I had just seen Bonnie’s. I can usually remove/substitute colors in my head, but orange is hard to erase!!

  13. Jo, whenever you use someone else’s pattern for a quilt, you always seem to improve upon it. I think your color palette suits me better than some others. I loved what you did with Bonnie Hunter’s pumpkin patch quilt (not sure if that’s the name). The brown background you used really made the pumpkins stand out. I’m a “purple girl”, so that one’s my favorite … but I just know that one of those little girls is going to looove the pink one. Great job on both!

  14. Judith Fairchild

    I really like your quilts the colors make me happy. When I look at Bonnie Hunter’s quilts I just wish they weren’t so busy. Yet you take her patterns and instead of busy they are happy. Go figure. I like both so much I would wish for twins. Thank the Lord I’m to old to have babies.

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