And Then There Were Shirts…

A post from Kelli–

A few days ago, mom told you about our baking weekend.  If you missed it, you can read about it here

I had switched a day with a girl from work as she needed Saturday off, so I had to wait to join in the festivities until Sunday.   By the time I got there, they were in full swing and everyone had their job.  I hopped in and helped do a few different things, but was glad that my list of jobs could be “play with Scotty and Carver” and hang with the dogs.

After lunch, we all kind of petered out except for Mom and Kayla….they stuck it in for the long haul and made some Spritz cookies…much to Jason’s delight.  Kalissa and I attempted to assist Scottie and Carver in sleeping….we were successful, but the boys were not.

By the time we woke up, Kayla had decided to take a nap so mom and I packed things up and cleaned the kitchen up some too.  Once Kayla got up, we were all sitting around the kitchen table and showing our projects.  Mom grabbed a bag of shirts that she had bought recently and started cutting them up.  We joined in and when the bag was about empty, mom said she had a few more….

Well a few more turned into a few more….

Then mom confessed that she actually had lots and lots more.  But since the night was young and we are such wonderful and amazing daughters, we agreed to help her get them all cut and sorted.

By the time mom had brought the second armload down from upstairs, we had a pretty good system going.  Kayla was the folder, I was the cutter, and mom was the carrier and the sorter.

When Kayla was in High School, she worked at a local quilt shop and one of her favorite things to do was to cut and fold quilt kits.  Her folding skills definitely came in handy because she was a machine at getting the backs folded, sorted, and stacked perfectly!

And mom kept up with carrying and sorting so well, that this was my shift pile that no matter how hard or fast I worked, stayed about this same size!

This picture though was worth it all!  It’s pictures like this that make the annoying-ness of cutting the mountain of shirts worthwhile!  Mom said that she’s been collecting the mountain of shirts for a while, but was getting a bit overwhelmed with the thought of having to cut and fold all the backs and then get the rest ready to sell.  I’m so glad that we were able to help out and get these done!

Afterwards, we got everything packaged up.  We had packages of lights, packages of darks, packages of blue, and then a bag of extras.  I think there were at least 10 9 separate bags–And the best part?  Mom is going to be listing them all for sale here on the blog on Saturday morning!  I believe she will be numbering them by what’s in them.  I offered to take them with me and get them to the post office for her, but she said that Kalissa has been super helpful with making post office runs for here.  We also have an amazing post office that makes it easy peasy to get things sent off!

Remember to stop by and bid on shirts on Saturday.  Mom said she’s taking the shirt backs and hoping to make more shirt quilts in the new year.  As we sorted we started listing off the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps and Shirttails II book that we want to make.


On the top of mom’s list is Oregon or Bust.  A while ago she saw Mary from Country Threads’ version of the quilt and has talked about it ever since.  She’s been collecting orange and blue shirts so she can make it!  (Find Mary’s full write up on the quilt here)

I love it too.

I’m so glad that I can be part of a family that works together!  It’s things like this that make me so grateful to have all of these wonderful people in my family!

11 thoughts on “And Then There Were Shirts…”

  1. I think Scraps and Shirttails 1 is my favorite Bonnie book. I need to get ambitious and cut up my shirts. Are you willing to come help? LOL I enjoy hearing stories about your family and the things you do together.

  2. What a great post – I love hearing about what your family is working on! I have never made a recycled shirt quilt but each time I see one on your blog it makes me want to add one to my quilting bucket list.

  3. Using 100% cotton shirts is very interesting, can you describe exactly how you cut the remainder of the shirt up after removing the back. Do you open the seams on the sleeves and what about the fronts? This may be opening up an entire new scrapping collection for me.

  4. Arline, check out the tabs at the top of Bonnie Hunter’s blog, She has a 14 second video where she cuts up a shirt right before your eyes. I’ve been thinking about making a shirt quilt, but I still have plenty of children’s clothing to use up making memory quilts for my children.
    Amazing that the Kramers were able to cut up so many shirts and have plans to “re-recycle” the shirt parts they don’t want! What a great weekend – baking and scrapping shirts, babysitting and napping.

  5. I love buying the shirts and get behind in cutting them up too except I keep the shirt fronts and sleeves as I need the yardage. I also cut off the buttons and keep them in a jar for future use if I ever get around to it! That means I have several bins of shirt parts. I keep thinking of throwing away the cuffs and collars but those make great scraps! lol

  6. I love the Oregon and Bust in orange and blue. Great for a FLorida Gator or Auburn Tiger. Which I’m neither of those. I do have some green striped shirts in the closet, maybe I could use a green themed. What teams have green colors? Philadelphia eagles. or just use green and black or grey. Would be pretty. HMMM.

  7. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    What a lovely time you shared with us. Thank you….it warms my heart to hear of families working together.

  8. What fun ending to all that baking and I chuckled with the “amazing daughters that we are” and yes you are all amazing. I have never quilted with shirts but I know they are super soft.

  9. it’s wonderful how you all work together…my Mother and I were like that long ago.. I so miss it ….so fun to see a Mary quilt…always just perfect in the colors chosen….

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