And then the Nesting Started….

A post from Kelli–

So a while back, I decided that I wanted to get a few things done around the house before the baby got here.  Then I started thinking of all the things I’d like to get done….and then I got overwhelmed, so I decided to wallow on the couch and drown in my nausea and just make pinterest boards about the perfect nursery, tips for everything under the sun as it relates to having a child, and making a baby registry.

Then one day, things started to click.  Time was not on my side and with a crazy schedule coming up, I really needed to get my butt in gear.  When I was talking with mom, she mentioned things like getting a guest room ready so that if I need to have a C-section and need someone to help me for a few days, they’d probably like somewhere to stay other than my couch.  I also decided that I should probably do things like get the crib set up….or wash some baby clothes.  I knew then that I needed to get my act together and get stuff done…So that’s what I tried to do…

But then I started getting overwhelmed, didn’t know where to start, and stalled again!  After a bit of thinking, I sat down and started a list.  I made a list of all the things I want to get done before the baby gets here, knowing that not all of them will probably get done, but at least this way when I need to do something, I can pick a small job if I only have a few minutes…Or maybe choose something that requires some supplies to purchase if I pick up an extra shift at work and have some extra cash.

Once I had my list together, I again got overwhelmed….but then I heard mom’s voice in the back of my head –You don’t have to do all the things, but you have to do just one more thing.

I decided to adopt this as my motto over the next few months.  After reviewing the list and making a few alterations, I made sure to include things that involved more sitting for days that I’m not feeling well or some things that would be more fun like baby laundry or working on a project at mom’s that I need to finish for the baby’s room.  I also made a list of things that I need to purchase or add to my registry so that when I may have a little extra cash or be headed in a certain direction, I could purchase some of the things/supplies I need to finish a project.

One of the nights last week, I had just got done working overnights.  Overnights have notoriously been making me feel like crap lately.  I’m almost guaranteed to puke and feel crappy for a day or two after working them as I get off a bit on my nausea meds, but I don’t have much of a choice, so I try to grin and bear it as best I can.  It was like 8 pm at night and I was feeling lazy….but then I remembered–I didn’t have to do all of the things, but I had to do one more thing.

So I grabbed my list and picked something that would likely be a quick job that wasn’t too strenuous as I was feeling less than ideal.

And bathroom cabinet it was!

Yup!  Quite the mess!  As you can see, my skills at stuffing one more thing in the cupboard are progressing nicely!

After though looks much better….And I even have more space than I thought I did.  One thing that helped was that I went through and got rid of all of the expired medications…Embarrassingly enough I had some from 2016!  Oops!  I still need to do the upper cupboard and the lower 2 drawers, but I did one more thing and that’s the important part.

I was worried for a little bit that having a list of so many things would be daunting, but it’s actually been a real motivation for me.  I can quick look at it to see where I’m at and what areas I really need to work on.  I think that before I spent so much time worrying about what to do, that by the time I figured it out, I either didn’t have time or had lost my motivation.  I also find great satisfaction in crossing things off of a list, so there’s that too….

And just for fun, here’s a bump-date–

I’m not the greatest at taking pictures, but that’s okay.  You can definitely tell that I’m pregnant now!  My little one continues to be pretty active and loves to remind me that they are there–Which I love!  I’m still getting sick regularly…like 3-4 times a week lately, but it could always be worse, so I’m trying not to complain!  Overall, I’ve got lots to do, but I’m finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere…which is always a bonus!!!

15 thoughts on “And then the Nesting Started….”

  1. You look absolutely darling. The idea of making a list seems to keep us accountable. Also having a list you don’t struggle with just not doing any of it. Good job big or small that is making it happen. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Here’s another thought. Now that you’ve got a list, if someone asks you if you need something when they’re headed to the store, tell them. They’re offering because they want to help. Same thing, if you have a good friend or family over and they ask if you need help, take it. You can have just as much fun chatting while you both fold baby clothes or assemble a crib and it’s one more thing off the list. Same with Hubby. If he asks to help, put him on something he may not be as clear about what needs to be done, but share the list with him. You’ll get there, just keep taking care of you and baby as you need to.

  3. oh my , for a brief second, when you referred to the baby as “they” – i thought there were TWO !!!!

    now, doesn’t that bring things into a new focus – just imagine how long your Do list would be if you were having twins !!!!!

  4. Wishing for the best for you I would contact your provider or consider another provider. you should not be having this much ongoing nausea provider needs to address and control. i am sure this seems overwhelming right now especially with feeling so poorly.. Can you cut back on work or at least not work night?. Seems like your employer needs to step up a bit more to help you. wishing you the best.

  5. Hi Kelli. You are looking fabulous! Sorry to hear about the nearly constant nausea. That is not fun. I got one great tip from another Mum when I was pregnant. I planned on breastfeeding but she said just have some formula and bottles at home just in case. I thought this was great as you don’t want to be loooking for these things in the middle of the night. I thankfully was able to breatfeed for 9 months and then we moved straight to sippy cups completely bypassing bottles all together. I tried expressing and giving him a bottle but he really didn’t like the bottle or a pacifier. He obviously didn’t like plastic! I really didn’t mind because in the grand scheme of things what was 9 months of being close enough to feed my baby. I was fortunate to have 17 years worth of long service leave which meant I was able to have 12 months off work before I had to return. My family live 5 hours away so when it was time to go back to work my son went to long day care. We were lucky to find a good one although I would have loved to have sent him to your Mum’s. A bit hard considering I am in Australia. All the very best with the remaining time of your pregnancy. I can’t wait to find out if you have a boy or girl. I didn’t know what I was having. It was really fun with everyone trying to guess. Of course when my son was born we had definite girls names but not boys ones! Thank you for your updates.

  6. Kelli and baby looking great! It’s nice to have the nursery ready if possible. My hubs was overseas but returned two months before my due date. Good thing too, our son was 6 weeks early and we didn’t have his room done! Babies don’t care—church friends lent us a bassinet and all was well.

  7. I find that if I make a list, it is always shorter than I expect. I think when all of those jobs are swirling in our heads, it seems more overwhelming. Then it feels good to check them off.

  8. You look great! Thanks for sharing the photo! My list is always longer than I expect and once an item is on the list I forget it! Ha! Not good. I would list “organize bathroom drawers and cabinets” and always be/feel overwhelmed but it seems that you broke the list into manageable sections. An Idea I need to remember. I think the hospital sent my daughter home with a small amount of formula and a couple of bottles but she didn’t need them. I think because she had it as backup she felt more confident nursing. I’m getting excited for you!

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Getting all those wonderful things done to get ready for a baby is overwhelming!! Heck, your baby could be like my second daughter…she spent the first month of her life sleeping in a laundry basket because we moved when she was almost 3 weeks old! No nesting with her, I was too busy packing up a house!! Be good to yourself and definitely take people up on their offers to help – check those “to do” things on your list checked off the easy way!

  10. What a great photo! I am just amazed at how much you get done what with your work schedule and the nausea you’re fighting. Your list sounds like a great idea!

  11. I feel so bad for you that the nausea continues! Lots of good advice here! I love the idea of having a few bottles and some formula. I breast fed my son, but he was born at 36 weeks and had a hard time eating. I breast fed him but for several weeks he took a bottle of expressed milk. They told me that nursing from the breast takes a little more work. That eventually changed. Also, the advice about having things ready in case you have a C-Section was good too. I never planned on having one, but that’s what ended up happening. Good luck with that list!

  12. SusanfromKentucky

    Kelli, you look SO CUTE!! Take several pictures of you being pregnant for the baby in the future.
    I’m so sorry you’re still having the nausea problems. You must have the same thing Catherine (Kate), Duchess of Cambridge always has when she gets pregnant.
    Don’t overwhelm yourself with the lists. Things will get done! Looking forward to seeing the new little one!!

  13. When I make a list I often put on an item I just completed just for the satisfaction of crossing off one thing. It is a nice reminder that you ARE getting some things done! Of course I didn’t cross off “buy another crib” until 2 weeks before the babies were born ;) As bad as this sounds, I found I had lots of time to finish my list after the babies were home. Babies really sleep a LOT! haha

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