And then Puppy went back to the Doggy Doctor!

A post from Kelli–

Today was the day–the day to remove the lump!  I had a meeting this morning for work and then came home to snuggle with her a bit before I took her in.  Our vet works with the local humane society each week on Wednesday mornings, so I had to have her there by 1:00 but could bring her at 11:00.  I took her in at about 11:30.

I went back to pick her up shortly after 4:00.  Here’s the report–It’s out!  It was likely just a fatty lump, but they were going to send it to the lab just to make sure which is normal protocol.

Pup1 (300x400)The vet did say that she needs to not lick it, so I stopped on the way home and picked up some baby onsies, but they were too small.  I rummaged through the used store box and found this old tank top that I kind of improvised to make a cover for her wound.

Pup (400x300)She’s definitely not too happy with me, but I do think it ended up being the right choice.  She is super sore and yelps whenever I try to help her move or anything, so I’ve just been leaving her alone to relax and work on feeling better.

Carver’s feeling a bit under the weather too, so tomorrow he’s going to have an Aunt Kelli day!  I can’t think of much that I would like more than a Carver and Puppycat snuggle day!



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  1. don’t they give pain shots before surgery, and pain pills for at home? i have no pets so i don’t know; but humans always get something for pain after any procedure. i have always wondered about this.

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