And the Winner Is…

A post from Kelli–

Earlier this week, mom finally got all of her shirts deboned–WAHOOOO!  I’m super happy for her because I know that she has been working toward that goal for a while now.  Little does she know, I have atleast one FULL contractor bag and  a few other random piles throughout my house that I might try to sneak over because now that mom has all of hers done, I’m sure she’s a professional shirt de-boner…that’s got to be a special skill that I’m sure she would like to improve on right?!?

Anyway, she promised that when she had them all finished, she was going to have a give-away with all of the yokes from her shirts.shirts-2-2

Well here they are folks and they are soon to be sent to Ana Sweet–Number 8 as determined by the random number generator.  Ana said “I have never made a quilt from shirts. I am collecting shirts now as I would like to make one like Julie K quilts , that she made from a book by Evelyn Sloppy. Love it. Thank you for the chance.”  Ana–I’ll have the box in the mail to you tomorrow!  And then you can make you very first quilt from scraps!

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  1. Congratulations to Ana. When I saw the comment I just knew I had won as it was my comment but I was not number 8. So enjoy reading your blog.

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