..And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down.

This year will always be known as the year of rain around here.  We get LOTS and we get it OFTEN.  Not too long ago I told you and the flooding…well on Friday the flooding threatened again.

All day it rained.  It was heavy in the morning dropping close to 3″.


Our ground is already very saturated.  Plus we got two doses of rain earlier in the week.

After childcare on Friday Hubby came home and asked if I wanted to “shoot the loop”.  In this case it meant survey the flooding signs.  A guy we know is on the fire department with Hubby and he has a bridge that is part of his driveway.  Once the rain starts in he’ll start measuring the rise of the river.  That river runs through our town and is the source of the flooding.  We drove up the driveway to take a look…so far not too bad….but it looked to rising.


At the park the river was out it’s banks and threatening to flood again.


We were hopeful that it wasn’t rising fast and hopefully it wouldn’t do what it did just a few short weeks ago.  BUT there was more rain forecasted and it was possibly heavy.

Here’s a picture of the park where my kiddos play.It’s still mess and the clean up and repairs still aren’t complete from the last flooding.


Hubby got out of the truck and was with the fire chief checking the water levels here…yep, it had gone up but not lots.

We went to bed with the hope that the rain would stay south of us and happily it did.

The river did rise overnight but we didn’t have the heavy rain that was predicted.  That was such a relief.

There is more rain in the forecast for the upcoming week.  Now my concerns are starting to lean towards the fall field work.  Already the rain is starting to be a problem with that.  I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post.

For now I’m thankful that property damage flooding didn’t happen in our town yet again this year.

3 thoughts on “..And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down.”

  1. Your yard is so green and pretty, and the patio looks very inviting. We haven’t had much rain here in our part of Oregon this summer, so in and around the city, a lot of yards are yellow and dry, including mine which is only green in spots, no matter how much I water! So sorry to see the park playground such a mess, hope your rain subsides soon.

  2. Oh man we could use it here. Our rainy season is October -March
    We have been in drought so many years now I don’t remember how many it’s been
    We water in summer , that’s our dry season, but now we only water our potted plants an avacodo tree and a shade tree and a lemon tree
    We have lost all our lawns but our hedge is doing fine we have lost a few plants not the roses that I hate and never wanted it’s the pokey thorns
    We don’t wash cars at home we don’t sweep with water we don’t get to play with water on hot days
    We save the cold water in the shower in a bucket while waiting for hot water
    We save the water from rinsing dishes
    We get monthly emails from the city ranking our water usage against like sized households/lot size ….it’s a game to see how we rate but water is costing us more even as we are using less
    I hope you stop getting our water ha ha

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