An Update on my Favorite Pie–Georgie Pie!

A post from Kelli–

When I was pregnant, for some reason, I could not stop obsessing over what nicknames were going to go with the baby names I had picked out.  I was sure that if I had a girl and I could convince Jason to let me name her Georgia Grace, I was going to call her Gigi.

Guess what is the one thing that I never call her–If you guessed Gigi, you are right!

I started out calling her Pumpkin–That shorted to Punky pretty quick.  The first time Jason called her Georgie I was really annoyed, but when Carver called her Georgie completely unprompted, it kind of stuck.  She has also been G2, with Gannon being G1.  Other names she has been include Pumpkin Pie, Peanut, Punky Brewster, Punkster, Punkarooni, Georgie Pie, Smiley Pie, Pie Girl, Peach Pie, Georgie Porgie, etc….I think we all call her a nickname more than we call her by her actual name.  Mom jokes that she’s probably going to grow up and not even know what her name is!

Anyways, Georgia is doing great–No matter what you call her!  And she will be 5 months old on the 4th of August. I literally can’t believe how that can be possible…..but it is!

She likes helping outside and seeing the cows!  If I’m at work and she’s home with Jason, he just takes her with in her carseat and she does whatever he’s doing.  If he’s vaccinating calves, she just plays in her carseat outside the pen.  If he’s working in the shop, she just hangs out.  One awesome thing about her is that she completely occupies herself!  If you give her a toy, she will be thrilled to play with it for about 15 minutes until she remembers she also has a pacifier and then she’ll play with that for another good 15 minutes or so!

She also loves the thrift store and finding good deals!  As you can tell, her enthusiasm put her right to sleep!  But the good news is that she is always really good in town when we need to run errands.  Give her a couple toys and she is good to go!

We also got the go-ahead at her 4 month appointment to start trying foods if we want.  We attempted it once and despite the smile on her face, it didn’t go so well.  Once she gets it in her mouth and gets going, she does quite well with it….it’s just getting it in her mouth and not splatter painting her mom that is the hard part.  I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it eventually….she is part Kramer after all….We are food people.

She also loves to give Puppycat and Ruby soft pets!  I haven’t been able to grab any pictures with Puppycat, but she is really becoming much more aware of her surroundings–which often include the dogs.  They are all so gentle with her!  When Jason comes home and is holding her, Puppycat often snuggles right up with them and while she tries to give lots of kisses, she also lets George give her lots of pets too!

Another thing that she loves is her play gym.  She has figured out that she can grab the toys with her hands…but also kick the poles to get the music to play too.  Here she is getting scooted over to the edge to check out the awesome clothes that one of the childcare parents was kind enough to pass along.  When I was sorting things out, she loved grabbing onto things and checking them all out.  She is super observant!

Headbands are another favorite of hers…see?

And she has a ton and a half….This one is one of Carver’s favorites so she often wears it to childcare.  Every once and awhile, she’ll get a good grip on it and pull it down over one eye.  Then we call her the flower pirate!  If it’s a bow, she’ll occasionally get it down with the middle of the bow on the bridge of her nose–It is super cute!

And sleeping–This girl loves her sleep!  She is seriously the best sleeper in the world!  She usually puts herself to sleep around 9 or so.  We take her upstairs when we go to bed and she will sleep the whole night.  If I have to get up to go to work, we will wake her up and Jason will feed her while I get ready for work.  Otherwise, if I don’t work that day, she’ll sleep in til around 7 or so usually.  The other morning after the fair, she slept til 8!  It took a bit to get her out of the habit of being swaddled, but we got it all figured out after a little help from Kalissa and letting us borrow her Zipadee Zip.

Here’s a picture of her that Mom took the other morning at her house.

As you can see, life with Georgie–Or whatever nickname you want to use–is pretty great.  I was worried that the adjustment to having a baby would be a difficult one, but honestly the only difficult part is being away from her!

17 thoughts on “An Update on my Favorite Pie–Georgie Pie!”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh, sweet Georgia!! She reminds me of my first daughter…so darn easy and fun to be around. Dratted child didn’t prepare me for her sisters!!! #3 daughter really struggled to sleep…instead of the lovely 3 hour naps her oldest sister took, 45 minutes was the very longest! #1 was very easy her whole life…#2 & #3 were definitely more of a challenge!! Enjoy that sweet Georgia, just know that the next ones may not be quite so easy!!!

  2. Fun update on your baby……. I have a grand who is one month older so I can relate to alot of what your wrote…… thanks for sharing…..

  3. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Kelli, She looks like you did when you were little! She is so sweet! You have a lovely family and I’m sure Georgie will love the cows and being Daddy’s little helper as she grows.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my, my daughter did and still does have a lot of nicknames. And she’s 38. Enjoy your babies while they’re little they grow up way to fast. Enjoy all the pictures of Georgia.

  5. Considering all that has happened since this sweet girl joined the family, what a blessing to have such an easy baby. Wishing you all continued happiness and happy baby as she continues to grow.

  6. Jeanie Stuff, sw Illinois

    I love Georgie’s painted toenails! She is such a precious baby, and isn’t it wonderful she has an easy-going personality and is a good sleeper. Can’t ask for anything more.

  7. When my great grandmother began school, she didn’t know her name was Mary–the family always called her Macy, and she thought it was her real name!

    Georgia is a peach–thanks for sharing her with us.

  8. Kelli, Georgia is a precious, darling little girl!! SO relaxed and highly intelligent! All the things she’s figured out, curious about, likes to touch!! She’s going to be helpful with her happy daddy, sweet grandma, and her terrific mother!!
    I’m so happy for you all!!
    All the children in the family are adorable.

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