An Update From Kelli’s House!

A post from Kelli–

I’ve been pretty absent lately, but with good reason.  Remember I told you about the new house and needing to do lots of cosmetic work?  Well that’s what I’ve been doing…and then I got the flu and couldn’t do anything for 3 days.  Lucky for me, I have an awesome Hubby and amazing Mother in law who still worked on the house to get the rest of the painting done on the main floor.  I was finally feeling better on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day, Mom called and informed me that her, dad, Kalissa, Craig, and Karl would be over shortly to move as much of mine and Jason’s things as possible.  My jaw hit the floor and we started running!  I didn’t quite have everything packed, but we ended up moving things as fast as we could for about 4 hours.  Mom and I stayed at the old house and we had 3 trucks that we filled as fast as they came in.  Karl, Dad, Kalissa, Craig and Jason took things to the new house and just put them wherever there was space.  So I’ve been working really hard to get everything put away and in its place.

Yesterday, I got my downstairs sewing room set up.Sewing Room (400x225)

Doesn’t look too bad does it….Well, this is the other side of the room.

Dining Room Boxes (225x400)

Most of it is boxed up decorations that I’m waiting to put out once I get everything situated.  I’m also waiting of a few pieces that I need to chalk paint so that I can organize things into them.  I’m working on chalk painting a desk to put in the kitchen and a sewing cupboard to put in the dining room to hold a bunch of my projects and quilts I’m working on.

It will end up going here–

Dining Room More Boxes (225x400)


I start back to school this Tuesday–barring the snowstorm we are supposed to get–so I’m really hoping to get a lot of stuff settled out by then.  If not, I have Thursday through Sunday to get some more work done.  I’m starting to get to the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I really wish it was a lot closer!



5 thoughts on “An Update From Kelli’s House!”

  1. What a nice gift, The good thing is you did not have to worry about who was going to help you, see now your almost done instead of worrying. GOD bless.

  2. Glad you are feeling better !! You have the most amazing family – I love how you are always helping each other out, You parents raised great kids and continue to show the way!!! Unpacking a crash move and getting everything sorted is really hard, but it will come together. You got the important sewing space set up!!!

  3. When I saw your photos, I laughed out loud – I’ve been there so many times! Hope all residual flu germs are long gone and you can get about setting up your home and going to school. Please let us know how everything is going, I do love your posts as well as your mom’s!! I hope to be able to meet you and your mother if yall ever make a trip back to Kansas City (perhaps to sign your new book!)

  4. I am so happy for you that you are in your new home. It is really a cool thing that your family is near and have the desire to help you. Congratulations to both of you and I hope you enjoy your new home!
    Joyce B. from Ozark Mountains in AR (Arkansas, not Arizona).

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