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After I posted my finished cross stitch pieces for 2022 (read about that HERE if you missed it) and shared my finished Floral Motif Sampler (read about that HERE if you missed it) I had quite a few cross stitch-related questions come in.  I thought I would answer them all in one post…

Kathy asked:
I just found your site online and have enjoyed it very much. I read your post on the valentine stocking you personalized with a charm. I would like to do that for my grandparents. Can you tell
me what the piece was stitched on?

This is the project Kathy is referring to.  You can find the free chart from Plum Street Samplers HERE.  It was supposed to be a stocking but I didn’t calculate enough space for that.  Rather than throw my stitching away, I improvised.  I ended up leaving off the toe, turned it into an ornament, and added a charm at the bottom.  It was a super quick stitch.  I am sure I stitched it on 40 count linen.  I’m guessing Vintage Country Mocha was the brand.  I think I picked a darker red floss color than called for.  I like darker reds in my house.

I personalized it by putting my and my husband’s initials.  I also put our wedding year at the top.  I really like this piece and keep it up all year long.  Originally I thought I’d only put it out at Valentine’s but I ended up liking it too much to pack it away.

I’ve had several people ask about… cross-stitch shops and where I find supplies.  My closest cross-stitch shop is an hour away from me.  That’s not too bad but it’s in the direction that nothing else is in.  I don’t get there too often.

I buy a lot of stuff online.  If you’re new to cross stitching here are some shops that are pretty easy to navigate.

Fat Quarter Shop – Yes they have cross stitch too.
Colorado Cross Stitcher

I do highly recommend you find an online “local” shop as well.  When I say “local”, I don’t mean as in proximity.  I mean local as in you’ll get the same friendly service or can ask for specialty things.  I know if you call my local shop, Stitchery Nook, they will help you over the phone, just as well as they would if you were in the store.  You can call.  It will likely be Liz or Sherri that answer and you can ask away.  They will be helpful.  You can say something like, “I saw Jo was stitching The Floral Motif Sampler by The Scarlett House”.  Could you get that in and kit it up for me?  They will totally do that for you.  You can get great helpful small-town service from them even though they are an online shop.  HERE is their website and contact info.

Bridget asked:
I love the sampler but what really caught my eye was the saying below. Would you be able to share the information on the pattern? I would greatly appreciate finding out more. It looks like something I should have hanging close by as a reminder.”

I believe Bridget was talking about this picture.  You can see the stitched piece with words at the bottom.

It says:
“Accept what is
Let go of what was
Have faith in what will be”

That has been a great reminder to me.

This is Accept What Is…This is LizzieKate chart.  LizzieKate has gone out of business but 123Stitch bought the rights to the charts.  They sell them there.  At the time LizzieKate announced they were going out of business, many shops bought up a lot of their patterns.  You might be able to find one at a small shop that still has them in stock.  I checked on 123 Stitch.  The pattern is currently out of stock.  You can put your email address in and they will contact you when it does come in stock.  HERE is the link for that.

This is what the chart looks like.

I also stitched the companion piece in the chart…this ABC Sampler.

This was finished on a long narrow basket from the thrift store.  I mounted it on a matte board and then slightly bent the board to hug the basket and glued it in place.  It was an easy fun finish.

They both were fun to stitch.

Valerie asked:
This is for Jo or anyone who can advise me on how to buy the chart for one of her finished pieces. It’s the Lizzie Kate “When we do what we can, God will do the rest.” This is the first time I’ve seen it, and I can’t find the pattern/kit/whatever anywhere! Does anybody out there have any idea? Thanks!

This is when we do what we can God will do what we cannot.  Here is mine.  I love it so much.

This is a LizzieKate design.  You can find it HERE on 123Stitch.  This one is in stock.

LizzieKate designed a lot of inspirational pieces.  Here are the LizzieKate charts from 123Stitch.  You can scroll through and find the inspirational pieces if you are interested.

I’ve stitched these both as well and often get questions about them.  I love the designs as they are quick to stitch…and I love the special reminders.  If you’re going through something rough, many of these are good solace.

Before I go, I just want to point something out about the questions that came in.  All of the pieces asked about were pieces I stitched when I first started stitching.  I was afraid at the time to stitch anything bigger.  Now that I am stitching bigger things, those smaller pieces I stitched are really serving a purpose to make my cross-stitch wall more interesting.  So if you’re starting out cross stitching and are starting small…no worries that you should be stitching big pieces, those small pieces will make the future pieces you stitch so much more interesting once grouped together.  It’s okay to start little…and it’s okay to stay little.

I hope that cover the latest questions…if not, leave a comment in the comment section and I’ll get to it in the next post.

25 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Cross Stitch Questions”

  1. Jo, I was just wondering if any cross stitchers met in Waverly on December 10? I was hoping to attend but ended up not being able to. How was the turn out and did the group plan on any other date(s)? Thanks.

  2. Jo, I had signed up to attend the cross stitching event in Waverly on Saturday, December 10, but then wasn’t able to. Was just curious if you met, how many attended, and if the group planned any other dates.

    1. Hi Carrie! I can answer your question – yes, we did meet on December 10th and again on January 14th at the Waverly library. It was so nice to meet other stitchers and stitch the day away. We have not set a date yet for February. We are considering doing it on a Friday as Saturdays seem busy with family activities going on that day. Would Fridays work for you or do you prefer Saturdays? Or maybe we will do one Friday per month and one Saturday. Please email me at and let me know. Hope you can join us!

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I have never done cross-stitch, but think I need to make this for a friend. The pattern uses two threads…what size needles do I need to buy? Or should I just call 123Stitch?

  4. Thank you for sharing these questions and answers. I found another project I want to do – had somehow missed it in your earlier post.

  5. You stitch over two as in 32-count. If a person has never done cross stitching why don’t you suggest 14-count. It’s so much easier for beginners. I much prefer to see some of the material show through. And I’ve never had a recipient complain of something that I have gifted.
    As one gets older, it’s much easier on the eyes. Just a suggestion!

  6. Hi Jo
    Just love seeing your pieces, and I am so lucky my nearest BRILIIANT cross stitch shop is only 6–7 miles away, though being so, is heavy on the purse!
    I have ordered from 123 Stitch, even though I am in the UK, their service is second to none as well, and usually have threads I cannot get immediately, just so sad that here in the UK we cannot order DMC threads from the USA, boo hoo.

  7. On the “Accent what is” piece it say that it is 8.5 x 2.5 the material I can fine is 17 x 13. Would this work or should it be at leasst 18″ x something.

    also what size needle would you suggest.

    1. Elizabeth, That should work just fine. I am unsure on what count of linen you are using. If it’s 40 count I use #28 or #26. Smaller counts I use a #26. Some people use a #24 on 28 count.

  8. Would this be a good beginner project? I love to do stamped cross stitch and I think it’s time to start my own “wall,” and the accept piece is a reminder I need! Now I wish I had joined the “Blessings” project—Could we do this one?

    1. There will be another stitch along coming up soon. Liz at the Stitchery Nook is working on putting it together. Watch for an announcement coming soon.

  9. Love your stocking turned into a ornament. We got married in 1986 (Decemember). I don’t have all the Weeks floss that is called for so I’m going to mix in DMC. I also am going to use a darker red. To me the brighter red needs to be for a Santa. Thanks for all you do for the cross stitch world. I would of never thought to cut the toe off the stocking, a great idea.

  10. Miss. Jo!
    I have been cross stitching for a long time and I have not tried linen. I am Leary to try, lol! I do not know why but now in my mid sixties, I look at your finished projects and I would like to try. Just need to get up the gumption!

  11. Miss. Jo!
    I have been enjoying reading all your post.
    I will try a small piece on linen. I will go to 123 cross stitch and get a kit. I like that I can call them. I have no idea which to pick cause I love all you have done.

  12. Miss. Jo!
    I will try a small piece on linen. I will go to 123 cross stitch and get a kit. I like that I can call them. I have no idea which to pick cause I love all you have done.

  13. you are now making me go crazy. I haven’t done cross stitch for many years but after looking at your finished ones for 2022 I found some that would fit in with some friends for xmas. Thus, I tried finding “Accept what is and When we do what we can God will do the rest” only to no luck. I have spent hours on line looking up cross stitch stores all over the U.S. and checking out their web sites. I even found one lady who sold vintage charts but vintage is from the 80’s and 90’s. Not LizzieKate. I guess I will keep looking and maybe I will run across them.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Lizzie Kate charts are available through 123Stitch…unless by some weird chance they are leftover at a small stitch shop. You can call Stitchey Nook. I know they had a few Lizzie Kates left.

  14. I have a question more than a comment but I didn’t see where I can post it. A elderly lady from church brought me her cross stitch work and everything included to make it into a baby quilt. I’m getting ready to lay it out & noticed that her stitches seem awfully tight or tight enough to make it pucker anyway can I go ahead and just quilt this or what do I do? Sorry but I don’t do Needle Art work.

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