An Ooops, a WOW, a yum and some stacks….

Hows that for a title for a blog post?!  Let’s start with the oops…

We took pictures at Country Threads on my daughter Kelli’s camera and Kelli has her camera at her house….so you’ll have to wait another day or so to see them…

My WOW… Check this out….all the 168 string blocks are sewn and all 840 half square triangles are sewn for my Jamestown Landing quilt.


This is two days of POWER sewing…obviously I have LOTS and LOTS of trim work and ironing to do but I am very happy with this much progress.

When we were at Country Threads for our shopping day, we were treated like royalty.  We had drinks and snacks then at the check out they gave everyone a free Country Threads Cookbook.  Kelli and I were looking at the cookbook and found the Kettle Corn recipe that Country Threads is famous for so we of course had to try it…YUM!


We popped ours on the stove, in a pan…no fancy popcorn machines.  We decided next time we need to half the recipe for the pan I was using as there was no more room for popcorn to pop… it was very good and I am sure, very caloric.  Here’s the original recipe.

1 cup popcorn
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil

I put the ingredients in my huge pan and shook it over the burner like my mom did when I was a kid…

And here are my stacks….


Fat quarters and a couple half yard pieces from Country Threads….See I stayed with the original plan for the most part…mostly neutrals….I purchased a couple scrap bags, antiquing spray and a bag of sand for pincushions.  I did really good spending about the same amount as last year.

I have had a couple WONDERFUL days of blissful sewing.  I am so glad the girls came for a sewing visit.  It was the best stay-cation ever!

8 thoughts on “An Ooops, a WOW, a yum and some stacks….”

  1. Yahoo! That looks like a great haul (jealous!!) & I am giving you a standing ovation for your progress on Jamestown Landing!! Woo hoo!! (Bonnie has me hooked on string piecing now, too. Who’d’ve thought?!) `;-}

  2. Sounds like such fun! Glad you had a great time with your girls – and quite a coup on your fat quarters – they look great!

  3. I would give most anything I own to have my daughter want to sew with me. She loves the finished product but has no desire (yet) to make one, but I’m working on her.
    It is so wonderful you got to spend so much fun time with your girls.
    I love kettle corn, but luckily I REALLY hate the husks in my teeth so I usually only eat a few bites.
    Good job on the fabric haul! Looks like some beauties!

  4. A good couple of days indeed. Wish my daughter wanted to sew, but she doesn’t and the granddaughters haven’t shown any interest either. Woe is me. :-)

  5. Such a beautiful site to see all of t he HST and the string blocks in a done pile…….What some people might call a mess I call in a delightful site……just perks me up and makes me smile……..I love it..

  6. WHOA! Do you ever use sugar in this kettle corn recipe! A much healthier recipe is to use the proportions of 1 – 2 – 3. That is: One measure of shortening. Two measures of sugar. Three measures of popcorn. It is lightly sweet and crispy.

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