An Energy Audit

When we remodeled the house we figured we had most of our bases covered as far as making the house efficient on an energy perspective.  We insulated.  We put new windows and siding on.  We replaced doors.  We even insulated the foundation working the best we could to make the house the best we thought it could be.

Recently while paying our electricity bill I happened to read the energy companies news letter.  They were offering to do free energy audits for their customers.  As part of the audit they replace some items for free and assess your homes needs in an effort to cut your bills.  I was game to give it a try….I am always up for money saving ideas.

I filled out a form, sent it in and them a short while later got a call from them to set up an appointment time.  It was easy and didn’t cost a cent.

A few days later the energy auditor came by.  He was here about two hours.  He went through each room.  All light bulbs were changed to energy efficient ones at their expense.  We only had a couple that weren’t.  We did have a couple bulbs that were burned out and they replaced them.

The faucets at shower heads were all changed to their more efficient ones…again their cost.  I am SUPER happy to have that in the downstairs bathroom.  The little ones here run the water way to much when they are washing their hands.

They left us with a quality power strip too.

When he was done we ended up getting three different rebate forms…one for insulation, one for duct work wrap and one for weather stripping type supplies.  If we turn our receipts in we  will be eligible for a 70% rebate.  We don’t need a lot of that but it still is nice.

We have Alliant Energy and this was all free from them.  Check around your electric company might have a similar program.  It was well worth the time.  They say that they typically give out a minimum of $60 worth of free cost saving items….Like I said earlier, saving money is always something I’m looking to do.

2 thoughts on “An Energy Audit”

  1. We did an audit like that some years ago. Turned out the reason our middle child’s room was so cold was a lack of insulation between the house and garage. Without the audit we might never have clued into the problem. Plus we got a grant to add the extra insulation.

  2. I’m all about saving money too! We had an audit like that through the gas company, and it was wonderful. I got the house insulated using their rebates. They didn’t do the windows or give me a power strip, but they did give lightbulbs. I could use the ductwork and weatherstripping rebates!

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