An Early Present…

My kiddos went together and got me an early present. Being my birthday is December and Christmas is in December I often get a combined present. As a kid, I hated that. As an adult, I love it.

As a kid, I felt like I was a little cheated because I didn’t get as many presents. As an adult, I know I get bigger presents. HA!! In the past, I got a dishwasher and a Roomba. Both were amazing presents as they made my life easier…

One year I got my treadle sewing machine.

You can read all about that HERE.

I loved that present too. It was so fun to learn how to treadle…and what a beautiful machine. I need to make something on it again one day.

You can see why I learned to not mind that my presents were often something that was both birthday and Christmas presents.

This year was no different. My present was combined.

If you guessed jewelry, you are right!!

I am not a big jewelry girl unless it’s something meaningful…You might remember my story about my thumb ring. If you missed that, you can read it HERE.

I have two different necklaces, that are meaningful to me. They have our kids’ names or birthstones on them. I like them both…each is a little different in style so I wear them at different times.

I also have a bracelet I love…It depicts the life of Jesus. You can read about it HERE.

That pretty much sums up my jewelry collection until recently. The kids got me a bracelet…

It is a grandmother’s bracelet. You can see it has the birthstones of each of the grandkids. If you look closely you can also see the kids’ names. I really like it. It will layer great with my other bracelet too. I like wearing more than one bracelet at a time.

I like how one segment will have the name above the stone and the next will have the name below the stone. It’s an attractive design.

I really like it and it really was the perfect present for me. I know I’ll wear it whenever I am out and about doing anything more than just doing errands.

So a big shout out to my kids for getting me such a nice present. I really like it!!

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  1. Your bracelet is beautiful. Do the birthstones and names repeat? If not, what fills out the rest of the bracelet (I assume that the grandkids didn’t reach completely around it)? Did a local artist design it?

    1. The is just one stone for each kid. The rest of the bracelet is fill with nice complimentary pieces similar to the pieces for each kid.

      1. Would you ask Kalissa if there is a brand name for the bracelet? I would love something like this but have never seen one with names. It is a treasure for you!

  2. I am tempted to send this post to my husband. He wonders what I want and I tell him I want something like this…your kids are really tuned into you!

  3. I love that bracelet. Congratulation and Merry Birthday.

    We (5 of the 6 of us) have summer birthdays, but my brother’s is Dec 6. He always got HUGE birthday gifts and my parents would claim that ‘some of that is for Christmas’ but then he’d get the same or more Christmas presents as the rest of us. Our birthday gifts were things we needed in the summer, like a bike or a tennis racket, but my brother also had a bike and a tennis racket. One year I was away for my birthday, but they gave me a sleeping bag for camp – and my brother got to take it to camp before I even saw it!

    My kids have birthdays on either side of Christmas (one tomorrow) and where I think they miss out is on the birthday parties Everyone is busy with Christmas or just tired of parties.

    But happy happy to you.

  4. The bracelet is beautiful and so meaningful! It is away to always have the grandkids with you! It also looks like it can be worn with almost any color which is really nice. Your kids are so thoughtful! Oh by the way, my son’s birthday is same as yours. We made sure we didn’t combine his gifts until he needed bigger, more expensive things.

  5. Such a Beautiful gift Jo! I’m Praying for you to have such an Awesome day. I truly wish you a Birthday Blessing on your day and for your family too. May you find so much Joy and Sparkle in the gift of each other.
    God Bless

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Jo! And, merry Christmas.
    I hope you get a wonderful package of red paper plates again for Christmas this year. (Please tell that precious story again; some of your more recent fans may not be familiar with it, buy it’s the best family Christmas tale I’ve ever heard.)

  7. Barbara Firesheets

    What a beautiful bracelet! I love the design and the names on each piece. Your kids really know what you like!

  8. such a perfect gift for such a great mother and grandmother and just a truly thoughtful and accomplished lady.
    Our first grandchild is a December girl also. Since we have friends with December birthdays who have solved the “conflict” with Christmas by having their celebration on the month of their choice and others use their actual date. we were curious how she would decide. December. Did your parents ever consider your having that option ??? Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.

  9. I too have a December birthday (29) and I only ever had one party with my friends. My one set of grandparents wrote Merry Christmas/Happy birthday on the tag (for Christmas present) but I received the exact same thing my sisters got (what a bummer that was) my other grandparents always sent a card with money. Both of my sisters birthdays were mid summer so of course they got gifts.
    I swore that when I got to be an adult I would change my birthday to June 18. Sorry to say I never did.
    I also promised never to have a child around Christmas but, alas my youngest son was born January 5. (He was 3 weeks early). I always made sure we separated his birthday and Christmas. I did not want him to go through all that I did.
    Which brings me to -Jo, you have a wonderful loving family that are very thoughtful. You too are a very generous and thoughtful person. I love your blog and look forward to reading it each morning. It’s a great start to my day. And one of these days I’ll get my act together and send quilting stuff up to Iowa. Carol

  10. What a lovely gift!! I’d like something like that, but only have two grandkids (at least so far!).
    I had a lovely mother’s ring which I treasured but it was stolen when our home was burgled. They took almost every bit of my jewelry. I still miss some of those pieces and it was probably close to 20 years ago.

  11. Teresa from Port Coquitlam

    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. We have one grandchild so far and she isn’t quite a year old yet, but I would love something like that when there are more. Happy birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Jo! I hope your day was awesome. What a lovely gift from your kids. It’s truly a keepsake. Wear it proudly! Hugs!

  13. The bracelet is perfect, and I bet the grandkids will enjoy finding their name and stone on it. Lovely present, nice job Kids.

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