An Addition to the Collection

I really never intended on having a collection but I guess that is what it’s turned into. I have stitched pieces in my spare bedroom.

These are all old embroidered pieces that I have picked up at garage sales and thrift stores.

I believe they were all stamped pieces and then were stitched…not counted cross stitch.

I just love anything that is hand-done. I so appreciate the work of the artist. Here is a closer picture of these two.

I have picked up a few others but then narrowed it down to my favorites because I don’t have a lot of wall space in this room.

Here on the wall near the wardrobe is my latest…but before I show you that one, I want to show you my favorite one…

…and here is the newest one. This one is straight-up embroidery. I bought it framed like this last week at the thrift store. It was $5. I originally bought it for the frame but then decided nope. I like it all together. You can see there is a water stain in the lower right-hand corner. Part of me wants to take it apart and see if I can get the stain out. The other part of me is too chicken to try…and then I’d have to re-frame it all. UGH. I don’t hate it just the way it is…in fact, it’s just fine with me.

Maybe someday when I retire (likely won’t happen…but I can wish), I’ll spruce it up. For now, I’m content.

I surveyed the room and have decided I likely have room for maybe three or four more framed pieces. I’ll stay on the lookout for others but I’m working really hard to not just buy anything and wait for the right piece.

As I’m finishing the writing here, I just realized I didn’t take any pictures with the furniture. I’m just going to link to an old post that you can find HERE. I still have the same furniture but have added a mirror over the dresser. You can also check out THIS POST with pictures of that bedroom. This bedroom is often called Kelli’s room because Kelli, our daughter, sleeps here on days that she works overnight and I’m babysitting her kids.

I really love this bedroom…it’s small but super cozy…and I love how the collection of stitched pieces is slowly coming together. I just love hunting thrift stores to find the perfect pieces.

11 thoughts on “An Addition to the Collection”

  1. Such a good selection of pieces. I, too, like to appreciate the work and time that someone put in to making a stitched picture. The room looks very nice and cozy.

  2. Love your “treasures “. You seem to find the neatest items. I wouldn’t worry about the water stain -it just adds character to the piece (which I dearly love) and would love to find one like it! Keep up the good work. Love reading about you and your family. Take care.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh I do like your walls in that bedroom. So many lovely things to enjoy.
    I like your favorite too, it has been one of my go to’s when I start being sad.

  4. I really should start shopping thrift stores for frames to mount my grandmother’s, mother’s, and my own needlework; plus, all those made by stitchers I will never know.

  5. How in the world did Kramer stretch that gorgeous old bed from 3/4 to queen size? I can’t see a joint anywhere. Good work and what nice memories!
    Have a good one!

  6. The room looks good. I love vintage cross stitch, too. I actually have one just like your “favorite” one that my grandma stitched many years ago. After she passed in 1980, then my mom had it, and now I have it. I think I have 5 pieces that she stitched, including a set of prayers she made for me when I was very young. They hang in my bedroom.

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