Amber’s Wedding Quilt

I finished the wedding quilt!  I’m so happy to have it done before the deadline and even more happy that I like the end result too.  Here it is….

The request was for a “neutral” quilt.  I don’t know if this is her version of a neutral quilt but, this is mine.


I love the simplicity of the design and think the straight line quilting was just what it needed.


I found a good plain backing that I am very happy with.


I ended up having to use a cream colored thread on the back as, try as might, I couldn’t get the darker backing thread to not show up a bit on the front. It’s a common problem when working with a quilt that has such a light front.  Also, I didn’t have a thread that matched the backing so the cream to purposely not match was the best option.

I had left over backing fabric so that became the binding too.  The back is an “off” colored taupe and it was hard to find any other fabrics that looked good with it.  I was super happy that there was enough backing fabric to bind it.


Can you see that some of the blocks are different colored.  I think it adds to the charm.  What happened was that I had a chunk of muslin that I started cutting from (I’ll admit to not figuring out the yardage for the muslin).  I had a big chunk and just thought it would be enough….well it wasn’t and muslin is AWFUL to match so I gave up trying and didn’t match it on purpose.  I ended up pulling other muslin fabrics and in the end, I used up many half yard pieces of muslin.  It was awesome to get some of that cleaned out.  Check it out.

Here’s a closer picture of the different fabrics.  Within each block I did use the same color of muslin fabric though.


I think the different colors give the quilt a little pop….I’m so happy it turned out good as I was pretty nervous about it all.


The wedding isn’t until July 22nd so Whoot-Whoot!  I am ahead of schedule.  You know me…I’m often finishing up things at the last second.

Of course…we need a Ruby picture.


So there it is…all done finished and ready to go to!  Kelli just saw this finished and she’s thinking she might make one for an upcoming wedding she has too.

The quilt really is great for those wanting to decorate in the vintage farmhouse look!!  Keep coming back as I think Kelli is going to write up the pattern for this once she’s finished making hers.

26 thoughts on “Amber’s Wedding Quilt”

  1. Lovely quilt. Like the gentler colours. I agree, the whiter muslin blocks add an extra interest to the whole quilt. It will be a lovely wedding gift.

  2. That turned out fantastic! The different muslins did add liveliness.
    Were the colored squares all shirtings
    Really pleased to hear there may be a pattern!

  3. Beautiful quilt!!! I think all the different muslin fabrics give the quilt some pop! This will be a treasured wedding gift!!!!

  4. Wonderful love the pattern can’t wait to see what Kelli comes up with and looking forward for the pattern.

  5. Now that i have seen this lovely quilt using the different shades of muslin it would be hard to pick using just one shade.

  6. I just cleaned out light fabrics and sorted smaller pieces from yardage. . .will be on the lookout for the pattern to use some of them up. Need to go quilt the one on my machine. I made the binding last night, so a finish is right around the corner.

  7. Really like the quilt pattern, the colors , the different Muslim fabric, the machine quilting AND the binding. I suppose you could say I really like this quilt. You accomplished what you wanted to and got it done before the wedding. How has the field work been going for the farms?

  8. Its turned out great and I look forward to the release of the pattern. Ruby is looking super cute sitting on this one.

  9. It turned out perfect! What a lucky couple to get this. I will be looking forward to directions as well, just for myself! I really do think that the different colored muslin added to the overall quality of the whole. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. I love this pattern. I am glad Kelly will be making a pattern for it.
    Yours turned out beautifully.

  11. I love the beautiful quilt! And the simplicity of it makes it look so modern. What a lucky couple to receive this quilt. I am looking forward to seeing the pattern in a future blog. I agree with the others that the different colors of white make it pop! Will plan on making this one soon with my shirts. Thanks Jo, I enjoy all your blogs.

  12. Stephani in N. TX

    Great quilt design and colors. Enough color for the quilter to keep it interesting, but the overall effect is neutral, great for young marrieds these days. A write-up would be fun.

  13. I love it. And it is very neutral to me. The different muslins add a little something as well. I would love to see the pattern written out for this. Good job getting it done so far ahead of schedule. keep up this pace and your UFO list will be shrinking fast.

  14. I’m a beginners beginner and I just love this quilt. Do u think that a beginner could do this and when will the pattern be available? I just love the lighter muslin! I also enjoy your blog.

  15. That is a beautiful quilt! You are right, the different colors of muslin look great. The muted colors are very calming and do read as neutral. It makes me want to make something in muted colors.

  16. After seeing your beautiful quilt, I won’t be afraid to use up my different colors of muslin in the same quilt. It does make it pop. Thanks for sharing.

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