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A blog reader recently sent me and Amazon gift card.  I’ve actually gotten a couple from blog readers and LOVE getting them.

Thank you so much.  I buy lots of things from Amazon from gifts to everyday things like batteries.  Kalissa saw the Amazon card sitting on the table and dreamily said…”Oh, what would do with an Amazon card?”  I said what would use it for?  She answer saying, “I get everything from Amazon mom.”  I said”Like what?”.  Then in my inbox a day later she sent me this note.

Products I LOVE, use, reordered, and recommend!  You might want to try spending your gift card on some of these things“…really Kalissa???    So on I read:

Neutrogena Hydroboost

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Moisturizer Gel-Cream to Hydrate and Smooth Extra-Dry Skin, 1.7 oz

This is my ENTIRE skin care routine – one application after showering. That’s it. I don’t do anything with my face until I shower again!  Feel free to buy me some more.  Then I’ll have one in each bathroom.

Rachel Ray Dog Food

I love ordering dog food off of Amazon so I don’t have to carry it or transport it myself! I usually buy the 40 lb bag at a time. Betsy loves it and this is the kind Ruby likes too.

Downy Unstoppables

Downy Unstopables in-Wash Scent Booster Beads, Fresh, 20.1 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

I LOVE these! You add just a sprinkle to your washing machine when you start the wash and it leaves your clothes smelling AMAZING. They are a little bit of a “luxury” item but I’m not the best at changing my laundry to the dryer right away so these buy me a little more time before the stink sets in! I have tried the pink and the blue and love both – a few sprinkles go a long way so this container lasts a while!  I know you forget your laundry in the washer too mom.

Jockey Underwear

I HATE trying to find underwear! I finally splurged once and got a pair of women’s Jockey underwear. I buy hipsters or high cut. They come up to my belly botton and hold my mom tum in. I adore them. I have successfully exchanged ALL of my underwear to Jockey now.  These are the ones I’ve been telling you about mom.

Cottonelle – clean ripple

Toilet paper is one of few products in your house you are guaranteed to use several times a day – why not make sure it is quality? I’ve been buying this toilet paper since Craig and I started dating – I will not skimp!  Why not get it from’s like dog food.  Who wants to carry it in and out?


Puffy Vest

I pretty much LIVE in this vest. I got it off of Amazon Prime Day several years ago (2017) and I wear it all winter long. I actually wear this instead of a coat most of the winter – even in Iowa weather! It has beat the test of time! I plan to order another one soon! It looks like it comes in several colors now too!  I think the khaki one would be good mom.


Contigo Waterbottles/Coffee mugs

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Vaccuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 20 oz, Black

If the water bottle is closed, it WILL. NOT. LEAK. I put ice in this before bed and I wake up with ice in it still! My coffee stays warm ALL MORNING! I will never buy another water bottle! I prefer the 24 ounce –especially because I drink more water when I have it around. This would make an excellent gift.  Feel free to buy me another.

Velvet Hangers

These will spruce up your closet.  No more white plastic hangers.  These are the ones I had when I sold LuLaRoe that I still use now.  They make my closet look “fancy”.

Well Kalissa.  I can see that there are LOTS more things on Amazon than I even knew about.  I can see some merit in buying dog food from Amazon. I think I’ll try the Downy Unstoppables too.  But not with the gift card….I’ll likely save that for something else…something like another flexible garden hose.   I’m so practical.  Oh Kalissa…I love your humor…and it looks like you were more practical than I expected too.

10 thoughts on “Amazon Gift Cards”

  1. I love Amazon but I still try to buy things locally or the stores will go out of business. Also I think of all the bubble packaging that isn’t recyclable and just goes in the landfill. My sister has Amazon Prime and buys everything there.

  2. We also enjoy Amazon for a number of things. That said, if it’s reasonable, we try to buy local because we always want to be able to walk into a local store to shop and if Amazon takes all their business that might not always be so. Jo, I suspect buying the dog food on Amazon might be a wise choice for your shoulder. Sometimes, taking care of yourself comes from unexpected places, like dog food delivered to your door.

  3. Please be careful about the dogfood shown. Studies are starting to link it to heart issues in dogs , might want to check with vet? We order ours online but use a different brand. I do shop online because my time
    is worth something as well.

  4. LaNan Eldridge

    Another great source of dog food is I was so surprised and touched when I notified them to cancel our auto ship when our dog died and they in turn sent a bouquet of flowers with their condolences! What a company to reach out to their customers.

  5. I say use that Amazon gift card on something to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

    I buy so much from Amazon too…cat food, litter, vitamins, pecans, walnuts, etc. Living in a very small town there really isn’t much variety & when I suggest that the local grocery stock something I use all the time & they don’t have I usually get told it wouldn’t sell because it costs a little more than the cheapest of the cheap. So, AMAZON to the rescue. In that very small store, in a very small town, there also isn’t as much turnover of product as in a bigger store in a bigger town and buying nuts can be iffy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten some that are going rancid. So AMAZON!! Actually, since the nearest Shopko closed, it’s a 60 mile trip one way to buy much of anything…and their Shopko closed to so there is one less store for variety there as well.

    Sometimes I really wonder what we would do without Amazon, Google and youTube for shopping and learning how to do things.

  6. My daughter, SIL and 4 yr. old grandson use the Contigo water bottles all of the time. I highly recommend the velvet hangers too. They really help keep your clothes on the hanger instead of falling off onto the floor.

  7. Thanks for the share on a number of items, I will check out the unstoppables and the t. paper. I have the hangers and love them. I also think getting dog food shipped to the house will save on your shoulder.

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