Amazon Finds…

I’ve been doing a little online shopping recently….

My living room needed a new rug. My dogs and foster dogs had pretty much ruined my old one. It was hard to clean anymore so I decided to toss it out and shop for a new one.

If you know me at all, me and rug shopping is a losing proposition. I’m bad at it. I can’t make up my mind and am very indecisive. That proved to be the case this time around too.

I went on Amazon and looked. I did want something that was washable. Even if I’d have to take the rug to a laundromat I wanted it washable. So I picked one out. I thought I wanted some color so looked for a red rug. Um…bad idea. I ordered this on and hated it. The “red” was orangy. I didn’t even open it or lay it out. I immediately returned it.

I waited a week feeling very frustrated that I wouldn’t get it right but finally ordered again. This one was my pick and I love it!! You can find it HERE. It is washable. The kids were here and saw it. Two of them wanted a link thinking they might buy one. It’s so hard shopping online when you can’t feel something. This one, I really like.

In fact, I like it so much, I’m tempted to buy another for the dining room.

The rug comes in many different colors. This color best fit my house.

At the same time, I ordered my rug, I ordered these night lights. They are flush mount and I love them. I was at a friend’s house and she had them. I went home and immediately ordered them. I have the grandkids here and always want a light on in the bathroom. These are perfect. You can find them HERE. The four-pack was only $6.99!! DEAL!!

The next thing I ordered was inspired by my daughter Kayla and her husband Spencer. When we went to the waterpark at Christmas time, I rode in their car. They had the GPS on their phone and were using it. I liked the setup of the phone holder as it wasn’t connected to the dash and the phone was easy to hook it to. I later asked Spencer about it and he explained that the holder/charger hooked into his air vent on the car. Hmm. I ended up ordering it. Here it is in my car.

You can see that it easily pops into the slats of the air vent. I love it. There won’t be some big sticky spot on the dash if I take it out. Easy to install…easy to remove.

You can find it HERE on Amazon. The catch is that you need a phone case with a magnet in it. Actually the phone case needed for it has to say “Compatible with Magsafe”. My phone will magnetize to the holder. I got the phone holder that has charging ability which made it a little more expensive but I love the option.

I have an Apple iPhone 13 pro and bought THIS CASE.

I can’t take a picture of my phone on the charger and how it looks because I need my phone to take the picture. HA!! It’s all good. Just let me say I do nothing to get the phone to click to the charger…just put it there and it clicks in place. I love it. No more phone flying around when I turn the corner. It has stepped up my safety in the car and that’s a good thing.

I REALLY went over the top with buying but I was reimagining my life a bit. I’ve always wanted to stitch in bed. I never have because I didn’t have a television with streaming ability…and I’ve always wanted to go to bed and watch the last 20 minutes of a show in bed but the television I had was really old and not compatible with any streaming I had.

The other day I walking through the store and found a small 24″ television was under $100!! WHAT?? who knew that prices on televisions were so cheap?? I sure didn’t. Anyway, I bought one. I need to get a cord for it to hook up to my internet…but um. WOW! I feel like I’m in the lap of luxury and I spent less than $100. Totally worth it to watch those last 20 minutes of a show in bed!! I got THIS television.

The last thing I bought hasn’t come yet. I caved and bought an air conditioner for my bedroom again. I always had one when Kramer was living. He was so hot to sleep with and bedroom got so hot in the summer. I ended up not putting the air conditioner in the window after he died. Then Karl needed an air conditioner so I gave it to him. I always hated how the air conditioner looked hanging out the window of the house anyway. So I suffered through the month of hot temps and lived without an air conditioner.

Well fast forward to my discovering that air conditioners don’t need to hang out the window anymore. I almost bought one last summer but it was at the end of August so I suffered through with the determination to buy one this year. I am hoping to love it. I am extra excited that it won’t hang out the window…much easier for me to manage!! I bought THIS one!!

The next thing I bought was for Jerry. He’s that guy who misplaces his keys and wallet. Me, I am not a fan of helping him keep track of them so I bought him some air tag style key fobs. You can find them HERE. Now when he can’t find his keys, all he has to do is push a button on his phone and the keys will buzz so he can find the keys. They can be added to a purse, backpack, or anything.

I have bought these for my son Buck as well. He is also someone who can’t find his keys and wallet. Anything I can do to make life a little easier.

Admittedly, I have these myself but for me, it’s my phone I can’t find. I keep a fob in a dish. When I can’t find my phone, I press the fob, and my phone beeps. It has saved me much time looking for my phone.

I also bought myself some new shoes. They are Hey Dudes. They look like patchwork and I love them. They are an older design so aren’t widely available in all sizes. You can find them HERE on Amazon. Maybe you’ll get luck and they will have them in your size. I love Hey Dudes. They are so comfy and I’ve had good luck with them lasting.

I bought these lights for the sides of my bed too. I haven’t gotten them installed yet. Maybe I’ll grab Craig one day and have him help me. You can find them HERE. I’ll have to show you a picture of them once I get them in.

I have been spending more than I usually do but it’s all stuff that I had money set aside for and things I’ve been contemplating for some time. I’m kind of odd that way…I won’t spend any money for a long time and then the flood gates open and watch out!! I think I’m done with my spending spree for now. Thank goodness!!

15 thoughts on “Amazon Finds…”

  1. It’s great that you’ve been able to find things that make your life easier or make your home prettier. I have my first foster dog and I’m going to need to fix up some oopsies too.

  2. I always like your shopping columns! I have some of those night lights, both for bathrooms and hallways, and always stick one in my cosmetic case for travel. The magsafe phone charger case and car mount combo is genius. I splurged on an external portable magsafe charger that snaps to a magsafe phone case because I have an older iphone 6se with limited battery life. Also, am a big fan of airtags for everything—backpacks, car keys, bikes (hidden in the bell), you name it.

  3. Can you tell me more about your a/c unit. I looked on Amazon, but the description is contradictory. This doesn’t go into a window at all, correct? Does it need a drain or does it have something you empty? son doesn’t have any a/c in his apartment and I cannot imagine how miserable that has to be!

    1. Carolyn in NE Illinois

      My daughter has these – she lives in a 100 year old house so no forced air -just radiators. They use these air conditioners on the main floor. You do need a window for the hose to go through. There is a drip pan/bucket but it holds a great deal before it has to be emptied. They have wheels so you can move them easily.

      1. I bought a unit that looks similar for my niece a couple of years ago except you flip something on it and it will heat in the winter also. It came with an about 5 inch accordion piece that went in the window and the exhaust hose just slipped on it. You just needed to raise the window to set it in and lower the window to hold. It has worked great for her.

  4. My latest big purchase (about $7.00) is a meat chopper for ground beef. I first saw it on Amazon, but I randomly found one in a local store. I love this thing. We eat a lot of ground beef, and this works so well to chop it up when you’re browning it. Put it on your list for next time!

  5. Timely post! I am going to be shopping for rugs too – yours looks great so thanks for sharing the link and those lights for the sides of your bed…I might need those. ;)

  6. We are Amazon junkies! Love ordering, although it keeps me in and I should get out more. Lol. We have been looking for another AC unit. Will check that out!

  7. I really like your rug, looks great with the rest of the items in that room. I really like your shoes too. I am sure I will like the lights your bought for your bedroom, well I like them now, but will like better when they are hanging. Great shopping!

  8. I bought a new sewing machine from Amazon today. My previous one is ten years old and is just worn out from making many quilts. The new one arrives Friday, and I can hardly wait!

  9. Janet in Iowa

    Love seeing your purchases. I’m also one who doesn’t buy anything for ages and then buy a bunch of things. If they make your life easier or more comfortable, I’m all for it. Looks like you got some great items!

  10. Your a/c should keep you comfortable. I worked with a friend in her home based business that was a garage conversion. You have o know that even the best conversion is not going to be all that airtight and we were still able to be comfortable. ( my family thinks i have a five degree comfort level due to the thyroid issues) AND it did not cause the electric bill eat up all her profits either. Hope you will enjoy.

  11. Shopping can be a PAIN, with amazon you get the thrill of shopping 2x once when you purchase it and again when it arrives!

  12. Jo – you were on a roll! Every once in a while we have to do things for ourselves and this definitely was one of those occasions. Enjoy them all and no guilt trip!

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