Amazing Gift from Maxine

Before I get to today’s post I want to drop a couple of pictures and a note here.  If you are in Iowa and into quilts you might want to check out the Pella Tulip Festival.  It is happening this weekend.  It’s the town celebration that revolves around tulips.

Remember my tulip quilt that was published in American Patchwork and quilting? It was machine quilted by Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and I gifted it to her once it came back from the publisher.  Well, Carla has been to the Tulip Festival in the past and enjoyed it.  She contacted the organizers and asked if they might be interested in displaying the quilt during the festival…

They were…and here it is.  Can you see it in the window?

Here is a closer picture.

Carla and I are both honored that they wanted to display our work.

So…if you’re free and anywhere near Pella, Iowa this weekend, go see the quilt show and enjoy the town festival. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Now to today’s post…
A blog reader who I’ve become friends with, Maxine, sent me a sweet gift.  She had given me a heads up to expect some goodies.  She had even told me that they were cross-stitch related.

So here is what came…

THREE CROSS STITCH PIECES.  Oh, my word.  Of course, I was in tears.  I know how much time goes into cross stitch and framing.  I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to do that for me!!

The stitching is amazing and check out the framing!!  Do you see the wonderful name card she had made to put at the bottom?  Oh my.  How very thoughtful.

I love this one too…so precious.  Oh my, Maxine, you went WAY OVER THE TOP!!

Then check this out…Ah…perfect for my sewing room and of course, Maxine knows I love red so framed it in a great red frame.  I love all of the quilting references.  What a great design.

While I was grabbing for the kleenex box, Gannon was having great fun marching on the bubble wrap and making it pop.

Maxine, you totally made his day too!!

Now the job of finding a place for everything.  I knew immediately that this one was going to my bedroom.  I have a little memorial spot on Kramer’s side of the bed.  I have to tweak and move things around a bit before I pound in the nail but I’m close.

The quilt-themed one had an immediate home here on top of my red cabinet.  BUT…my long arm is just below this.  It rumbles enough that I’m afraid that it will slip and fall here if I just set it here…although I love it here.  I ended up taking it down.  Now I’m wondering if I could set a jar of buttons along the side and that will hold it in place.  Hmm…

I’m still ruminating about the exact spots where they all are going to be.  I do know that I’m in love with each and every one of them.

It is so sweet that Maxine thinks enough of me to spend much of her time and talent on me.  It was so thoughtful and I so appreciate it.

25 thoughts on “Amazing Gift from Maxine”

  1. Gail L Piper

    What a wonderful friend Maxine is!
    Bet you enjoyed seeing your quilt displayed… gorgeous!

  2. Oh my, what treasures. And truly Maxine has high regard for you to have devoted such time as well as expense in gifting such beautiful and thoughtful cross stitch. My friend and I were discussing giving hand made gifts such as cross stitch and quilts. We are inclined to believe that people who do not do either of them have no idea the effort each one takes. And with the price of materials, how costly these wonderful arts have become so that one really has to adore the person to whom they are gifted. But then quilters are generous people and we will still donate quilts to great causes and to those special people we hold dear to our hearts. Jo you are truly revered. The quilting world is grateful to all you share.

  3. Oh, Jo, how you have made me blessed today by putting my gifts on your internet blog. You didn’t have to do that but I’m so proud that you did. Thank you for sharing my work with your readers. I do get my counted cross stitch gifts professionally framed. My work would not look as great without my Florida framer, Marybeth of TMB Framing in North Fort Myers, Florida.

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      What truly awesome gifts, Maxine!!! You are very talented with needle and thread and I know Jo will be looking at and enjoying your work for years to come! The gift that keeps on giving, love from a friend.

  4. Maxine you sent such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Have a blessed day. Jo, thanks for sharing.

  5. What fun to have your quilt admired at Tulip Days in Pella. I’ve been to the festival several times and my 3 youngest brothers all graduated from Central College in Pella. They will love it!

  6. Such special gifts and what a thoughtful friend! You will be able to treasure those forever. How great that your quilt is hanging in the window in Pella – what a showcase!

  7. Oh my word, that is so thoughtful of Maxine. Those who don’t cross stitch, or frame, have no idea of the blessings she has bestowed upon you. I truly believe what we give will come back to us two-fold so Maxine is surely to be blessed. I’m brainstorming ideas for the red piece above your red cabinet. Could you somehow adhere a picture easel to the cabinet then place the picture in the easel? I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Jo.

  8. Karen Miller

    Maxine, the gifts are so beautifully done and Jo got to share her pleasure at receiving them with all of us. Outstanding work! Do you live in N. Fort Myers? I grew up in Tice and, after marrying my husband, in the Alva/Olga area. I had to go to Goggle framing shops in N FtMyers to see where TMB was located. I don’t remember ever knowing about this one. We moved from the area in 2014 but still make the trip down there occasionally. Be blessed as you have blessed others.

    1. Karen, I only snowbird in North Fort Myers from 1/1 through 4/30 each year. I’m a renter. I save all my stitchings for TMB’s. I won’t allow any other framing business to touch my work. This past year, I handed over 20 pieces of stitching to Mary Beth.

  9. Sheila in WI

    What thoughtful, priceless gifts Maxine gave you. The workmanship looks excellent and each piece is unique.
    Love that you tulip quilt will be on display. It’s the perfect touch for their festival.

  10. What amazing gifts you received!! I know they were done with love. My grandson loves the bubble wrap too, for the same reason. Hugs,

  11. What beautiful gifts.
    I love the memorial one for your husband ! The cute saying about being a grandma fits you so perfect Jo.

  12. Maxine you are truly a person with a huge heart, beautiful gifts. Jo, I know you will find the perfect places for the stitchery.

  13. Judith Fairchild

    The cross stitched pieces really moved me. The one for Kramer is so very lovely. Then the grandmother one made me laugh. It is such an accurate discription of becoming a grand mother. Followed by that incredible piece describing the various kinds of quilts. Inhave done enough embroidery to understand the amount of time that last piece took. Maxine you are the icing on the cake of gifting.

  14. Maxine is indeed a skilful stitcher, and how nice of her to mention her framer. We have a Tulip Time in our area as well. I have to say, I avoid going into town as much as possible until all the tourists are gone Haha!

  15. What lovely gifts and surprises. Your quilt looks wonderful in the window. I was wondering if you had a piece of rubberized shelf liner or pads for under a rug. That might stabilize the frame on the red cabinet, if you put some underneath

  16. Allison C Bayer

    Golly Maxine, you are one talented woman!! Jo, she certainly spoiled you and made each one with a great deal of love (now I’m reaching for the tissues). I use poster tack to secure the frames of things to walls (so they don’t slip or skew), propped up items, and loose items that I tend to knock off accidentally — like my bobbin boats next to my sewing machine. The brand I use is by Poster Tack 64 pieces Item: PA-1231. What an honor to have you/Carla’s work displayed in such a lovely way. Who knows who you will inspire! Hugs, Allison Bayer in Plano, Texas

  17. Such thoughtful gifts! Love them all, but I have to say the Roger memorial one is my fave. So thoughtful, Maxine! What a way to boost your day! That is HAPPY Mail! I had to laugh seeing Gannon…there is a video of our youngest grandson doing the same thing with such gusto when he was about 2 years old. The simplest things make for such fun!

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