Almost 30 Week Baby Hanken Update!

A post from Kelli–

A while back, I was able to share with you that I was pregnant….and all of the work and tears that have gone with it.  If you missed the post, you can find it here–

Since then I’ve told you a few times how I’ve been sick quite a bit too.  For a few weeks in December, I was going to the hospital twice a week to get anti-nausea meds and fluids.  It did help me feel some better, but I was still pretty nauseous.  At one point, I quit puking for about 2 weeks, but it just got to the point where I didn’t feel that it made me so much better that I could justify the time that I kept having to go up there.  I still felt nauseous all day, but just didn’t puke like I had been.  I ended up stopping going and was good for an extra week, but soon enough, the puking came back.  I has however lessened to 2 to 3 times per week rather than 5 to 6, so I’ll take that as a win.  I also haven’t been getting as horrible headaches as I had been, so I’ll count that as a win too!  I still have quite a bit of nausea, especially in the morning, but it could always be much worse.

Since I’ve been so sick, we did schedule another ultrasound at 28 weeks, last Wednesday.  I was a little nervous going in because I have been so sick, but excited all at the same time.  Jason came with too, so it was nice to be able to spend some time with him.  At the ultrasound, we were able to see our little one’s hearbeat so that was a relief of course.  I was quite proud of myself as I had predicted that the baby was head down with it’s butt up my right side and then its legs and arms stretched towards my left because I feel the sharpest movement on my left upper quadrant and smaller movements on my left lower quadrant.  I also have a harder spot on my righ upper quadrant and usually feel more of a rubbing rather than a jab on that side….and I was right.

We also found out that baby has hair!  It was one of the first things that the ultrasound tech told us.  Those little white spikes are hair.

Baby also cooperated enough so that we were able to get a good picture of their face!

At our previous ultrasound, we couldn’t get the little stinker to cooperate long enough to get a good face picture.  Here, we got a good one for sure!  Other highlights included finding out that the baby is an active little thing and has lots of room to grow and move around.  My fluid levels are looking good too.  We also found out that the little squirt is measuring 3 pounds 10 ounces, which I know is just an estimate and is measuring about 2 weeks large based on dates.

After a little bit of research, worrying and failing my 1 hour gestational diabetes test, I was pretty sure that I would probably end up with gestational diabetes.

I got the lovely privilege of drinking this lovely drink last Thursday morning.  It worked out pretty good as I had worked the overnight.  I drank it about an hour before I was done with my shift and was able to run down to lab and get drawn right away.  Initially they told me I had passed as I was under 180, but after a bit of research and talking with Kalissa and the OB coordinator, I found out I hadn’t passed and was one of the lucky ones to do the 3 hour test.

Since I had plenty of time over the weekend to wait and worry, I had pretty much convinced myself I had it.  I had all of the risk factors except that I was not of Pacific Islander decent and hadn’t had a large child before.  But as I found out this morning, I passed!!!  I was very excited for that mostly because all I’ve been able to eat and keep down is carbs.  There have been multiple times that I’ve been cooking supper for Jason and had to take a break to go puke because the sight, smell, and thought of raw meat has done me in.  I talked to my doctor today and she said that I likely have some insulin resistance, so I’m going to try to start walking more than I currently do and hope that helps also.

The other issue that I discussed with the OB coordinator on Monday is that my Hemoglobin continues to go down.  Prepregnancy, I was 13.5…a month ago was 11.2….and most recently was 10 something.  I have now earned myselft the need to start an additional Iron supplement which is notorious for causing constipation which I have already fallen victim to as well.  I’m taking 2 stool softeners now and am going to work on increasing my fiber and then taking Metamucil too.  Hopefully that works….

My other happy news started as not so happy news.  Since I’ve been 20 weeks along, I’ve started taking Zofran.  It has the potential to contribute to heart defects and cleft lip/palate, so once I had my first ultrasound to confirm those weren’t an issue, I started taking it.  I started with 2 per day and started to actually be able to eat and gain a bit of weight back.  I still was puking regularly, but being able to eat was glorious.  Before long though, my insurance started to get a bit bucky and only wanted to cover 24 tablets every 30 days.  If you can do math, you can tell that there is a little problem there.  I discovered though that I didn’t need an oral dose the day I got fluids because I got it in my IV.  I also tried not taking it a couple days that I didn’t work and that ended very poorly.  I always ended up puking and usually felt terrible throughout the day.  Finally, I found that if I just take one in the morning, I can get through work and can muddle through the afternoon feeling super nauseous, but without puking…usually.

Then I had an amazing idea!  The medication I am taking comes in 2 forms.  One you swallow like a pill, the other dissolves under your tongue.  I talked to my provider today and got her to write me a script for the dissolving one in addition to the swallowing one I already have in hopes that insurance would approve it as a new prescription and help pay for it.  And I was right!  I got a call that they didn’t have enought to fill the script until tomorrow and when I asked if they knew my balance after insurance, they told me it was $3.90!  I was so excited!

Lots of people ask if we have names picked out.  I always joke that I have a list and Jason has a list but “we” don’t have a list.  I keep reminding Jason he named the dog Puppycat and should have his naming priviledges revoked and he keeps telling me that Bob and Steve are great names for either a boy or a girl.  We have kind of agreed on a boy first name and a girl first name, but I kind of pulled the “I’m pregnant with the baby” card and told him he had to choose one of my preferred girl name combos.  He finally chose one.  It wasn’t my one I wish he would have chosen, but I do really like the other one too.  I’m kind of sappy and always want names after family members…and this one accomplishes that too!

So that’s the update on my little one!  We decided not to find out if it’s a boy or girl.  I think it’s a girl, so does Connie.  Everyone else seems to think it’s a boy.  Mom and Jason don’t really have a thought either way.  Jason will say he hopes for a dinosaur.  Mom says she’s just thrilled that I was able to get pregnant.  So what are your thoughts?  The only reason I think it’s a girl is because I had a dream that it was.  I’ve looked into some old wives tales and they tell me either way–heartbeat has ranged from 135 to 160 early on and was 150 today, I’ve been super sick, I’ve been slow to show, carrying high, haven’t noticed to many changes in my hair or complexion (but I usually don’t really pay attention to it)….So what are your thoughts???


26 thoughts on “Almost 30 Week Baby Hanken Update!”

  1. My thoughts are you have been through a lot!!! I worked with a girl who walked in the office everday looking sick as a dog. She even puked while giving birth! You are a trooper and I can understand why, they are worth more than the price of gold! I think you are going to have a girl!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I am 100% sure you are having a human! Pregnancies can be very different even when carrying the same sex baby. I have 3 girls…morning sickness every time I ate, all day/night with #1 for 3 months, nothing with #2 or #3. Carried them all different. I hope your sick time is over soon…at least I would get sick and then feel fine, so I can’t relate to your much more difficult pregnancy. My guess would be you are having a girl. Girls seem to be more frequent when mom has difficulty getting pregnant (that’s why I have 3 girls!!).

  3. I worked with a RN in the 80s who never missed: if you carry out front it’s a boy. If you carry all the way around (so someone walking behind you can tell), then it’s a girl.

    Best of luck with the rest of this pregnancy. A loved child for sure!!!!! God Bless!

  4. My guess is… it’s not a dinosaur and anything else you’ll love like crazy and deem worth all you’ve been through. Here’s to your health and a healthy little one.

  5. Just because I carried my baby like Elle’s post described everyone predicted a girl for me & they were correct! I was so sick & dizzy for first 3 pos & last 3 pos of pregnancy & pre diabetic but my little girl was very healthy when born!! Take care & hang in there Kelli!

  6. Janelle Merillat

    I am a couple of years older than your Mom. Back when I had my children we weren’t allowed to ask for the gender, Here where I live, “it just wasn’t done ‘that way’ “. Anyway, I “Knew” a couple of months into all of my pregnancies, what genders my babies would be, I had 4. I think mom’s know. Some might not be confident enough to voice it, but they “Know”. Congratulations on your beautiful little Bean!

  7. I’ve been following your postings and am excited for you. My daughter is due with #2 about the same time as you…also fertility issues for both. I carried both my daughter and my son the same. Hang in there. Your blessing will be here before you know it. Be ready early!

  8. I bet your baby is just adorable and will be so loved no matter what the gender! I can feel for you as I was nauseated all the way through my pregnancy. I could handle Cesar salad and loaded baked potatoes. But I got sick of that in a hurry. Be prepared after giving birth, I ate so much the first 24 hours that the dr was shocked. Bring some food to eat. I ate dinner after delivery and my husband brought Taco Bell and then I ate 2 sandwiches and pudding and crackers before I went to sleep. I had anti nausea meds I had a suppository. That was better than the pills. Have you tried liver pills to help your hemoglobin? That might help instead of the iron supplements. They do seem to cause constipation. I had a lot of trouble with that during pregnancy. We had liver pills for my mom to increase her hemoglobin and it was a way that didn’t cause constipation.
    I hope you feel better and I look forward to seeing picture of the new love soon!

  9. Beautiful little angel you have in there Mama! I feel your pain, I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and when I did, I had 3 miscarriages before having our first. I was horribly sick throughout my pregnancy too, both with nausea/vomiting and horrible reflux. It was not fun! But it’s all worth it in the end when you get to hold your precious baby in your arms. That first baby of mine is almost 16 now and it still feels like yesterday when I had him.
    I did have 2 girls after him, and I was sick with all three of my babies, but my boy was the worst, so I’ll guess boy for you, but my prayer is just a healthy baby and easy delivery for you and Kalissa. Congratulations!!

  10. I understand how you’re feeling. I had hyper emesis with my first 4 pregnancies. I can tell you that the 5th was smooth sailing so if you have more, it gets easier. I had infertility and went on to have 5 kids.
    I think it is a girl. Best wishes to you and Jason in the final stretch.

  11. You’ve done well with your challenges, Kelli. It is so hard to work through a pregnancy like this—just eat what you can and rest a lot. You’re almost there!
    Naming our babies is something so special. We knew we were having a boy but my husband didn’t join in my name game chats. Then shortly before the birth he told me he wanted to name him after his grandfather, a very old fashioned name. I didn’t love it but waited. When he was born the name seemed to fit and it still does. ❤️

  12. Oh, i empathize, I took zofran, too, it was the only anti nasea med that worked for me., I started cutting my pills in half. While I was so sick I read Agathea Christie’s autobiography and she was also sick through her pregnancy.

  13. No comments on the nausea etc. as apparently I sailed thru my pregnancy with not one issue! Thank goodness! On the name front. My husband and I never really thought about names seriously. We didn’t learn the gender either. People kept asking about the names but we really didn’t have any…until the babies were born and then we sorted thru names WHILE WE WERE AT THE HOSPITAL. The names we picked were perfect. It all worked out. We remembered two things when picking. Check the initials so the are OK :) and my friend reminded us to pick something that we would want on a tombstone for all eternity! LOL she hated her babified name!!!!

  14. I think it’s a girl and she’s going to act just like her aunt Fergie. I’ve been thinking of you, lots of love Kel!


  15. Hahaha! I had to laugh when I read that you think your baby is a girl because you dreamed about having a girl. When I was pregnant I had a dream that I had a girl, but then the Dr. said, “Oh, wait”, and pulled out another girl. We were all surprised! Then he said, “Wait”, again and pulled out a boy. Other Dr.’s and nurses came into the room and my Dr. just kept pulling baby after baby out and handing them over to them. He was saying, “Boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, boy, girl”, etc. and they were putting the babies on bookshelves lining the walls. Pretty soon the whole room was full on new babies! Needless to say, I only had one baby when the real delivery happened. So, maybe your dream will come true, but I’m glad mine didn’t!

  16. Kelli, I am so impressed by your blog and also so sorry for all your trials during this pregnancy.
    I must also asy I feel so humble and thankful for the British National Health Service………we are so lucky

    I am thinking about you and youe babe….all good wishes from the UK Moyra

  17. Pictures of a precious baby, exciting for everyone. The morning all day sickness is difficult but wait till you hold that little one and have your heart so full of love! My 8 year old grandson would be excited to see a dinosaur! When Jason sees that precious baby he will love any name you picked!

  18. Be prepared for both! I and everyone else thought I was having a girl my 2nd pregnancy. #1 was a boy and #2 pregnancy was so different that I just KNEW! I as wrong, I had another beautiful baby boy.

  19. I am sorry to hear that nausea is still plaguing you. My second pregnancy I puked several times a day but I think a lot of that had to do with in 1988 the powers that be, reversed their opinion on asthma control and they made me take Theophylline instead of my rescue inhaler. I hated it, told the doctor they should give that instead of ipecac. That, and it’s only redeeming use, IMHO, was to give me a handy way to rinse out my stomach! Hahaha

    A good way to get additional iron into your diet is to cook in cast iron pans! I was very anemic after my first child and this was suggested by my midwife, along with brewer’s yeast. I didn’t try the yeast, tho’.

    I found that having a small bowl of Uncle Sam’s Flax Seed Cereal helped immensely with constipation. If you are having a hard time finding the cereal, look on the top shelf near the bran cereals. Eventually it was enough to just sprinkle 1/4 cup a day onto my regular cereal. I’m betting flax seeds in anything would work. Like muffins or other baked goods.

    Wishing you all the best!

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