Almond Bark Cookies

I had the childcare kiddos here and they wanted to make a treat.  I am okay with using the oven when they are here but if I can find other ways to make treats, I try to.  It’s less of a chance for an accident to happen.

When I had looked through the church cookbook I recently got at the thrift store I found a recipe for a microwave treat, Almond Bark Cookies.

Here is the recipe…

I’ve made something similar before with just almond bark and nuts…not peanut butter mixed in.

The kids love making stuff like this even if all they do is dump ingredients in.

Here’s how it looked as I was mixing it all up.

I had a HUGE laugh as I was writing this blog post.  The original recipe says that this recipe makes 6 dozen.  Ummm…I think I made mine too big.  HA!!

No wonder I have a weight problem.  Apparently, I don’t have a clue on serving sizes!!  HA!!

They were good and I’ll make them again for sure!!

12 thoughts on “Almond Bark Cookies”

  1. Almond bark is sue versatile, isn’t it ?
    I make pb cookies every year with it. I take Ritz crackers (because we like them the best:-) ) , spread pb on one cracker and sandwich it with another and dip it into the melted bark. Then, put some sprinkles on top. Easy peasy – make several dozen, and makes great gifts for neighbors and friends.
    Love and prayers

  2. Janice D. Simmons

    Jo, Those little ones will always remember you with special joy. Doing things with kids, cooking, gardening, coloring etc. always means more than taking them somewhere or buying something for them. I love your blog and love hearing about your family, recipes, quilting and surprises.

  3. I might have to make some of these today! Having a pizza party tonight with some of the grands, to watch the NCAA volleyball championship game – Nebraska vs. Wisconsin – Go Big Red!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us Jo!

  4. I have made these every year since the 1980s and they are a big family favorite! Sometimes if I cannot find almond bark, I just use white chocolate melting wafers instead. My recipe is the same except it calls for 2 pounds of almond bark. I put the almond bark and the peanut butter in a metal bowl and stick it in a 200-degree oven until they melt,. Then I stir the mixture together and add in the ingredients, ending with the marshmallows after when the mixture has had a chance to cool down by the addition of the Rice Krispies and peanuts. (One year, I added the marshmallows first and they melted into the mix because the almond bark/peanut butter mixture was still too hot.)

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I know about recipes that say 5 or 6 dozen cookies. It usually ends up 3 to 4 dozen. Following the recipe closely. So no that I’m older and have trouble standing for longer periods of time I pack cookie sheets full of dough and cut them into squares when they’re set or baked. Easy peavey

  6. Looks like a tasty treat. We can’t get Rice Krispies for some reason. They haven’t been available since September. Such a weird thing. Merry Christmas.

  7. How fun to do this with the kiddos, sure they had fun and kids always like something they have helped make. I like this recipe, but seldom have the cereal on hand, so I need to plan to have it. Your cookies do not look too big, just right size!

  8. Really liked the recipe. Not worried to not get yield recipe s call for. To keep my perfect shape “O” I prefer larger size cookies. So far no complaints from the kiddos.
    Just a weird thought can you substitue different nut butters and matching nuts in place of the peanut butter and peanuts? I’m not too fond of peanuts.

  9. I made something very similar when my kids were little. It was the almond bark, white chocolate or brown, mini marshmallows and “ froot loops! “ they were very colorful and “frooty”. They loved them then and still do in their 30’s!

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