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I had a couple of blog readers tell me that they missed seeing Rosie.  So I thought I would do an update on Rosie.

Rosie turned two in September.  As of the writing of this, she’s been with us for two years too.  I had magically hoped she would settle down and be an old dog when she turned two but that didn’t happen.  She’s still is a bit mischievous but she’s settled in here and she’s much more predictable.

She loves being anywhere near me.  Here I am in the recliner feeding a baby and what does she do?  She jumps up on the headrest.

Rosie is on neighborhood watch.  She spends lots of time in the living room going from window to window wanting to see what is going on outside.

To date, I’m pretty lucky.  She is not a barker.  One thing about beagles is that they are known as barkers.  From the moment I got her, anytime she would bark, I would correct her and discourage it.  Now she barks very occasionally and only at times when someone is here that she doesn’t know.

She is pretty wimpy.  She doesn’t like loud noises.  The other day I had made a pizza in the oven.  The cheese melted over the side and onto the bottom of the oven.  I opened the oven, smoke came out, and set the fire alarm off.  Rosie was cowering in an instant.  Smoke alarms are not her favorite…same with gunshots or fireworks.

She is a constant companion to me.  She is everywhere I am.  Note the picture below…I am sitting at the computer chair writing blog posts…she is at my feet and under my foot.  She is always like this when I am at the computer.

In a blog post from last week, I showed this picture of my cross-stitching.  Each night when I stitch, she is right here sleeping just like this.

If I am in the sewing room, she is in the sewing room.  If I take a shower, she waits outside the door.  We are pretty much Ruth and Naomi from the bible.  Where I go, she goes.

It’s nice to have a companion…but sometimes, she’s too much of a companion.  If I am crawling around on the floor picking up toys, she’ll get right in my face and not understand she needs to move.  A few pets and she’s better though.

The biggest challenge we have with her and likely will always have is that she loves food.  If the kids are eating, she needs to be in the kennel.  Here you can see Gannon trying to eat a cookie.

Rosie is right there watching the every move of the cookie.

Notice she’s not looking at Gannon.  She is laser-focused on that cookie.

She is really good at hanging with the kids as long as they don’t have food.  She will lay by them and watch them play.  She loves when Carver plays chase with her and she runs laps around the house.

When she had her house training issues and when she had her numerous vet issues, I’ve wondered if I should have gotten a dog.  Then she settles in with me on the couch…or plays with the grandkids and I think yes.  It’s the right thing for me to have a dog.  I’m eagerly awaiting the dog she’ll be a year from now.  She’ll have a little more training.  She’ll be a little more mature…don’t get me wrong, I love her as is, but dogs are like kids.  When they are going through some of the challenging stages, we always look to the future.

All in all, life with Rosie is good.

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  1. Love the update on Rosie! I always tell you that I found your blog when I saw Gracie on a quilt. We are beagle people! This fall, we adopted a 14 year old female beagle. Her owner had died and the family wanted to put her down. She had some health issues, but they were all curable. Unfortunately, she developed pneumonia and she didn’t make it. We will get another beagle someday.

  2. Jo- Loved your post with your sweet Rosie, you, grands, and cookies! Rosie will become the dog companion you wish for. Some dogs are just a bit slower than others to mature out of puppy hood! I have a precious Pekingese puppy born on March 8th last yr. She thinks the world revolves around her, and in some ways it does! She’s smart, beautiful, fun, friendly, happy, and gives so much love! She’s funny, entertaining and loves to run, and play! I’ve never seen anything as happy to be alive! She reminds me to be happy too, no matter what’s going on in my, (and our) world! Mischieveous? YES!
    One of her favorite things is to get hold of any thing she’s NOT s’posed to have, and lead us on a merry chase, knowing we’ll try to take it away from her when we catch her! “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!” My husband has R/A ,and I have severe arthritis, so we can’t run very fast. She’s learning to let us have the object once she’s had her fun! We both love her, and are so glad to have her! She is very friendly to any person or animal that comes over, believing that they have come exclusively to see, and play, with her! What joy and contentment dogs, and cats, bring into our lives! I’m so glad you have Rosie! Maisy, like your Rosie, is a brave protector, unless at all threatened. Then, she’s on my lap shaking! (She’s a big, brave girl when several feet from the potential threat!) What joy! What love! I wish dogs and cats had much longer life spans, so we could have fun and love uninterrupted! HUGS! : )

  3. It sure sounds like Rosie is “maturing.” She is such a cute dog and I am sure having her around is comforting. We have a dog who decided I am his “human.” Like Rosie, he goes where I go, yup sits outside bathroom door when I’m showering. When I am gone my husband says he sits by the front door and watches out the side window and when he sees me turn in he races to the back door where I will be coming in. Again like Rosie, he is a foodie, loves to eat and is a little beggar. We just have to enjoy them while we can.

  4. Laurie from Texas

    What was Rosie’s reaction Sunday when you came home? She must have been so puzzled that you were away from her.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I like seeing what Rosie is up to. She’s good company for you. I was thinking of getting a dog but the place I moved to charges an extra 100 dollars a mon for an animal which puts the price of the rent out of my reach So I’ll enjoy Rosie and other peoples pups .

  6. My DH’s family always had beagles or bassets. Oh, the stories they could tell; tangles with skunks, the old basset who would peel a snack of raw potatoes and leave the peelings in the corner, and the raccoon that practically treed a dog! I laughed out loud at Rosie “tracking” that cookie and I always smile when I see the pix of furry friends on quilts. Somehow, having Rosie or other critters “approve” of a quilt adds a extra measure of coziness and comfort, and isn’t that what we love most about quilts? Prayers continue.

  7. nice to have a Rosie update and get a look at how Gannon has grown and looks so healthy. Hope his health issues have cleared up a lot.

  8. We have had 6 dachshunds. Our current Wally is 11 and I dread the day when he leaves us. We had one pair that were 15 and 16 when they passed. Hubby says no more dogs but we shall see. I might start fostering some older ones.

  9. I have had beagles for over 20 years. They are smart and have a very busy nose. Mine is 16 and doing well. He follows me everywhere.

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Growing up, we had a beagle from the time I was 6…fabulous dogs with children! She was definitely interested in her food, and everyone else’s food!! When she was 11, my brother was killed in an avalanche…you know the influx of food! Because it was winter, my dad put a card table in the garage and put some of the food on it. Somehow, she got left in the garage…and ate an entire ham!! Then she was so thirsty!!! Her tummy was as tight as a drum and she was so miserable. Makes me smile now, remembering my sweet childhood companion. She lived to be 17!!! Beagles are one of the few dogs that will literally eat themselves to death, so you are wise to be aware of Rosie when there are littles with food around!

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