All the Confusion with the Blog

Hello everyone. Welcome to the blog post where Jo tries to explain some of the topsy-turvy stuff that has been going on here on the blog.

For the last month or so, on the writing side of things, I’ve had terrible trouble with writing the blog. The program freezes. Pictures show up on my side but not your side. I am back and forth trying to figure out what things could be. I can see things on my side but they don’t show up on your side.

I’ve been completely frustrated as writing a blog post takes an hour vs what would have taken me 45 minutes to write. The computer freezes…I wait for it to respond. When I click the cursor won’t move. It’s been very frustrating.

Kalissa came over one day and said-Mom. That enough. Something has to change. You can’t work like this.

I lamented that it would cost a lot more money to upgrade and she told me my choice was either I would be forced out of blogging because eventually, she felt this would all permanently freeze or I’d pay a few dollars, or I need to pony up the money. I gave in and agreed to do whatever she thought was best.

So…Last week we moved the blog to a new server. For those of you who don’t know what that means, think of my blog as a storefront in a mall parking lot. My storefront started out as a small business. All of the stores in the mall share the same parking lot. Over time, my store grew by leaps and bounds. There was no longer parking in front of my store I was starting to take up the parking spaces of the other stores and they were all getting frustrated with me and my customers were getting frustrated because there were no parking spaces ever open near my store because it was so busy. You guys are the customers with your cars wanting to park near my store.

Because there is no parking everyone is frustrated and things at my store aren’t moving as freely…as now I am too small for my store too. I don’t have space to add more merchandise (blog posts) and I don’t have room to navigate in the store.

That’s when a business knows it’s time to move and expand. That’s what we’ve been working on this week.

I’ve moved to a new storefront with a bigger parking lot. In internet terms, it means I moved to a new server with more space and hopefully here there is more room for me so writing will go easier and there’s more room for you so you aren’t fighting for parking spaces…meaning it is faster and as a viewer, you have a better experience while you are at the blog.

Sadly, that doesn’t really happen seamlessly. It’s good but not seamless.

So…here’s what happened.

On the 18th, we started moving the blog to the new server. We only got a test run look at it and it wasn’t right. Some of you might have noticed there were some mumbo-jumbo characters on some of the pages.

We told them no…that had to be fixed. They thought it was fixed so they moved the blog. All during this time, I wasn’t supposed to really do much on the blog. I focused my time on some other things like getting a couple of Youtube videos posted, my taxes, and answering emails. My foster dogs took up a lot of time too.

It was hard for me as I typically keep about 25 blog posts written in advance and every day that went by, I had fewer and fewer posts written. I know several of you were wondering what happened when last week there was no “What I’ve been working on” post. It’s because I wasn’t allowed to be on the blog to write it.

The blog ended up getting transferred about mid-week. BUT…There were a few things wrong. Kayla was working with them to get it figured out. By the time Thursday night rolled around, I thought they were fixed. I went on the blog and started working. I wrote my cross-stitch update. I wrote the story about the two foster pups, Olive and Twiggy and I wrote a recipe post that I planned to publish in early April.

The cross stitch and puppy post went live on Friday. Many of you saw them. Saturday morning I woke up and they were gone.

DRAT! When the server went through and fixed the old problems, my two blog posts basically got “left at the old store”.

I’ve talked with Kayla and she hopes to “go back and get them”. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to but she’s hopeful.

Moving forward we will still have a glitch here or there as there are old posts that were in drafts that might have a hiccup here or there. Those would be Community Quilt posts and What I’ve been reading posts…and possibly a review post. Hopefully, in a few weeks, those will clear and we’ll be back in business full-time at the new storefront.

You will still always go to the same blog…nothing really changes for you at all except you should have faster speed when navigating the blog.

What we hope for me will change is a smoother experience on the back side writing the posts…and it will cost more but that’s a price that I’ll make work.

I had a few blog readers write to me and express concern for me that this was all too stressful and that maybe I should just step back. They suggested not blogging as often. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. I make an income from the blog. Anyone who is writing a blog where you see advertisements is making an income off their writing. I need the income. It’s how I support myself. If I write half as many posts, I make half as much money. Everyone who works goes through stressful periods at their job. This is just mine and mine has to be upfront and in the public because I missed blog posts in this move and things didn’t go super smoothly. I appreciate your concern so much.

It’s okay. I’m okay. The blog is okay. I’m not going anywhere. I love blogging. It’s good for my soul. It’s a job I love and enjoy. There are so many people who have come into my life because of the blog. By far, the enjoyment of it far outweighs the bleeps and troubles we’ve had over the past month. My hope is that things might have a couple of hiccups this week and then after that, we have smooth sailing.

Thanks so much for understanding and still hanging out with me even though it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. I appreciate it so much!!

32 thoughts on “All the Confusion with the Blog”

      1. No worries Jo…your blog fans certainly understand. It will all straighten out soon.
        It seems like forever since we’ ve read about all your grandbabies…both human and furry Issy and Rosie)…miss their antics and stories. We love hearing about your family.
        Have a great day.

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Always a few bumps with change! Maybe that’s why we are so resistant to it?? Everything seems to work out…but it is so much work!! I appreciate the work you put into your blog and know the time it takes. Thanks for doing the upgrade and enduring the frustration it entails!

  2. Jo, I am so happy you are working out the problems you had with the blog. I would miss this blog if you were not able to continue.. I have my morning coffee while reading this. Thank you ..

  3. Just to let others know, if you were one of those wishing to see the QOV photos on the Community quilts from Ray post, I just went back to that post and the pix were there! So we know that, at least, was fixed. Thanks for all of your work, Jo; love the blog.

    1. Nancy, based on your comment, I went back to the ‘Community quilts from Ray’ post, and I still cannot see the QOV photos. Thanks, Janice.

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Happy you have a new store front. Have enjoyed your blog for years and I was good until the squished blog-writing of last week, followed by the puppy story that apparently has been left behind on the old format. Kudos to you for forging ahead. I worked on computers since they first came out and I’m feeling these days that I can’t keep up. I do enjoy and read all that you have to say and wish you the best in wrangling with whatever it takes to keep using the computer to communicate and keep up. Like it or not, we all need that communication and speed to stay in contact with our kids and extended family.

  5. Glad that things are getting better for you with the internet. You are blessed to have children that are around to help you. You would be so missed by those of us who love your blog.

  6. I can’t remember if the last 5 posts at the end of a post was there before, but I like it. It helps me realize if I missed a post.
    But, you may want to reduce the “related posts” from one spot with pictures and another spot without pictures. If I click on anything, I usually click on something with a picture.
    I’ve seen another quilt blog that separated out their tutorials to a different blog (MaryQuilts). I’m not sure if it would make things more efficient or space saving.

  7. Aww, I missed a puppy update! Well today was a lovely reading experience, barely any ads except for one for something I do purchase! The body of the blog didn’t jump all over the page, so it was a super enjoyable and easy read. Kudos to you and the girls!!

  8. You are amazing!!! What an explanation for those of us who are technically challenged. Good luck with the new server.

  9. So glad things are getting fixed. I miss seeing the pictures you post so looking forward to getting caught up again. This was a very good explanation of your issues. In some ways it is good, but the pains of change is hard.

  10. Hi Jo – I’m new here and am just starting to enjoy your blog. Having worked in technology until I retired four years ago, I understand. I look forward to reading, and watching your videos, whenever they appear. BTW – I’m Jo too and my birthday is 12/15!

  11. I haven’t had any problems getting those post. Thanks for all your work that you put in the post. I look forward to it everyday. Even though we have never met I consider you a dear friend. Hang in there.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, thank you for the explanation as to what happened. When the mix of numbers and latter’s along with the words came up, it was frustrating I figured there was a problem and I was hoping you hadn’t been hacked. Thank The Lord that wasn’t the problem. I do like parking in front of your store and enjoying the goodies.

  13. Momma Sunshine

    Hey Jo, the blog looks fine and we all appreciate the hard work that you and your family are doing to make these changes. If the expenses involved with the upgrade are exorbitant, perhaps an auction to offset might work. Might be just an additional headache though. Take all the time you need, we will be right here. Blessings.

  14. I always read your blog first thing in the morning, and would really miss it if it were to be gone. Computers are wonderful things when they work. I retired 20 years ago and so I’m not “up” on the current things at all now and it is frustrating. I did get a couple of your articles in mumbo-jumbo but that was okay. The world did not end because of it. Looks like things are okay tonight anyway. Just relax. It is good that your daughter knows how to fix it. Ever onward!!

  15. It seems everybody’s experiences are different. I haven’t had any problems with any of your blog posts other strange links appearing on random words. That problem seems to have disappeared now. I’m glad you’re moving to a new server. I know it’s a pain in the neck but it will be worth it in the long run. Best of luck with the learning curve!

  16. I look forward every day to reading your blog. As basically a housebound person, following you and your family really is important. I feel like I am part of your family and really would love to meet all of you, including grandchildren and pets and foster pets. I admire you for all you do and wish I had just a little bit of your energy. Thank so much for including us in your life!

  17. I was able to read most of your blog posts by going directly to blog, not thru facebook like I used to. They don’t seem to post to your FB page now. One I wasn’t able to access was the book review you did on Lissa Alexander. It was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Thanks for all the extra work.

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