All of the Leftovers…

Those of you who are long-time readers might remember back when I made my Frolic quilt. It was a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. For some reason unknown to me, after the quilt was finished, there were a lot of leftovers. Those leftovers prompted me to make quilts using them. Granted the original pieces inspired the quilts I made but I did have to take a lot of extra fabric and made many more units from fresh fabric to make the actual quilts. Yet, those leftovers launched many quilts to come. On top of that, several blog readers who also made the quilt sent me their leftovers as well.

I recently finished a baby quilt

Here is my original quilt…
You can read about it HERE.

Then I used some of the leftovers to make the Unity quilt.

You can read about it HERE. I modified the original pattern adding more blocks and making it bigger.

I made this quilt that was in Quilter’s World magazine. You can read more about it HERE. I just LOVED making this quilt. A few blog readers ruined my happiness when they accused me of “copying” Bonnie when I made the quilt. That was not a happy day for me.

Happily, I’ve been able to put that aside and have moved on but that always taints the quilt a little bit for me. It’s crazy how two comments that are negative can have a lasting effect over the 100 of positive comments. Other than the colors, and each has star blocks, there’s nothing similar about the designs.

This great one believe it or not is another made with leftovers from Frolic quilts. One reader made hers with reds instead of pinks. This is

a result of that.

I went through the extra work of piecing the border triangles.

You can read about this quilt HERE. There is no pattern for this.

This was a fun quilt to make. I don’t make a lot of quilts with green so this was a little different for me.

I also made the quilt you see in the photo below. This was slated to be in a national quilt magazine but after they only offered $400 for it, I decided to just keep it and might write a pattern of my own for it someday. We’ll see. This one looks more like stained glass. I just love it.

I did a lot of string piecing in this one.

I do need to make a decision on what to do with that quilt.

This is my latest frolic-inspired quilt that I showed you on Saturday. You can read about the baby quilt HERE.

I have a lot more leftovers to tackle. A blog reader recently sent me more leftovers so those were added to the bunch.

I did have another design using leftovers made in EQ but that’s when my grandson pulled the computer off the desk, it crashed and I lost a lot of quilts that I had designed during the incident. UGH. The quilt I designed used these extra blue and pink four patches. It needed so many that I made many more. Now sadly, I have a ton of them made and no idea what the design was. So at some point, I need to redesign a quilt that uses a lot of four patches.

There’s the old saying “A face that launched a thousand ships”. I think Frolic is “the quilt that launched a thousand quilts”!! HA!! I’m sure I’ll be making at least two more quilts with the remaining leftovers!!

18 thoughts on “All of the Leftovers…”

  1. Beautiful quilts, every single one! I think it is amazing the number of quilts you have been able to make and all with leftovers. So much better than throwing the leftovers away.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Dear Jo, I would say you have been blessed abundantly with scraps and squares for quilts. Six large and one small when I do the math I wonder how you got so many done. So thankful that others shared their scraps with you. They are all lovely!!!!!!. As to the copy cat accusation. Isn’t that why You and Bonnie have your posts? Get real all you who have snarked at Jo. You do the same thing anytime you follow someone else’s directions to make a quilt. Thank you Jo for sharing the possibilities of Bonnie’s patterns.

  3. It’s odd how we allow someone to rain on our parade. I can remember many rude comments but have a difficult time remembering all the good things people said. Your quilts are gorgeous and I’m always amazed at your creativity and how much you accomplish. You are like the battery operated rabbit that goes constantly.

  4. The Quilter’s World quilt is my favorite of this series! Please don’t let those 2 comments from long ago take up any more head space and happiness about this quilt. Nobody “owns” that block or color combination.

  5. And Bonnie Hunter wouldn’t mind at all that you used Frolic left-overs to create even more lovely quilts. You gave her credit for the initial pattern and you both have the creativity to pull designs from thin air…or in this case, from your computer and scrap bag. Plus, our foremothers would be proud. Waste not – want not. Kudos to you and nuts to the critics. Nuf said.

  6. Jo, I have a gazillion leftovers from Frolic, which I made in traditional Christmas colors, plus some extra yardage. I would be happy to send all of it to you if you want it. I can’t seem to find you address on the website though. Just email me if you want it.

  7. I love how many different designs you have come up with to use the leftovers. They are all stunning! (Don’t trouble yourself with a couple of critical people with nothing better to do than try to bring someone down to their level.) You are an amazing creator and I love following your blog! Keep up the good work.

  8. All beautiful!!! So many quilts, using leftovers– amazing!!
    I honestly do not understand the Negative Nellie’s that always seem to feel wonderful when coming up with nasty things to say. Ditto to KC –on those.

  9. Those really are beautiful. You could have a frolic party and give them to your kids. Wrap each large quilt and label it with a number then have your kids draw numbers to see which surprise package they get.
    There have been many times that I’ve worked out a quilt pattern or design that I’ve never seen before and it’s my very own inspiration. However, I know that quilters are such geniuses that somewhere, some time, another quilter has probably had the same idea as me. If some people haven’t realized that yet, just ignore them because eventually they’ll figure out the difference between copying and being inspired by.

  10. What a shame a couple of people ruined your joy with that lovely quilt. You have already credited Bonnie Hunter by saying they were leftover blocks and the blocks are an old pattern widely used across the years anyway. Your design was super and it is a very pretty quilt.
    That’s a lot of spare blocks and all the quilts you managed to make from them are gorgeous.
    All the best, Kerry

  11. Please don’t let the Negative Nellies saying you copied another quilt bother you. Thank you for your blog posts I truly enjoy them. Have a wonderful day!
    From Hot Florida

  12. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    I loved all of the quilts you made from leftovers. Personally, I don’t see how anyone could accuse you of copying Bonnie Hunter when you said up front in every post that they were inspired by leftovers from Bonnie Hunter’s quilt. I call that a disclaimer and giving credit to Bonnie. I stay amazed at how cruel people can be.

  13. All such beautiful quilts! Sorry again for the lost quilt designs, but maybe what you come up with will be even better. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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