After Pregnancy Cravings–French Toast

A post from Kelli–

As you know, my pregnancy was difficult at times.  I puked quite regularly throughout my entire pregnancy, lost 20 pounds at one point (gained part of it back, but never reached my pre-pregnancy weight) and was super tired.  Often people asked what I craved.  Most of the time, I craved not eating.  People often told me that was bad for the nausea, but on the bad days I just couldn’t eat.  There were a few spurts where I’d crave strange things–Laffy Taffy (but not banana flavor), chicken fries and mashed potatoes with gravy from Pizza Ranch (I might have gotten in a little argument with the delivery guy once), ham and pickle roll ups to the point where I carried the ingredients with me everywhere, and Rocky Road ice cream but only the Walmart brand.  I’d crave most of it for a day or two, maybe a week and then be done.

The real cravings hit for me after I had Georgia.  I had her at 10:22 at night and so in our little town, nothing was open by the time that we were ready to be moved to our room.  Jason ran to Kwik Star to see what had been sitting in the warmer for hours and came back with some cheese stuffed bread sticks.  Ever since then, I’ve found myself going out of my way to get gas at Kwik Star, knowing that I will likely be able to grab myself a pack.

The other thing I have craved is French Toast–To the point where mom, dad, Kalissa, and especially Jason make fun of me regularly.  It was the first thing that I ate at the hospital for breakfast and I really think that my body had been feeling so crappy and I hadn’t been able to eat for so long that the French Toast just hit the spot.

Ever since I was discharged, I’ve always had a batch of French Toast in the refrigerator to warm up whenever I want some!

Again, Betty Crocker came to my rescue–

I swear, there is a recipe for almost everything in here–especially if you like jellied loaves of meat and things!  Ha!

The bread section though is the best!  They have french toast, pancakes, baking powder biscuits–All Kramer/Hanken house favorites!  I always joke that it’s easy to find the right page because I’ve spilled on it so much that that page is stiffer than the rest.

It’s super easy to make!  I whip up a batch every few days and keep the leftovers in a bag in the fridge.  A minute in the microwave, butter and syrup and I’m a happy, happy girl!

I don’t have a griddle, but I do have a skillet that I received as a wedding gift.  One thing that is nice is that I’m able to make a batch easily while making supper or doing dishes.  They take a little while too cook on each side, but when they are done–They are the BEST!!!

A funny side note–When we were little, we always went to church as a family on Sunday mornings.  There were a few times when dad wouldn’t quite make it to church so we would go without him, but when we came home, he would have made french toast for breakfast with sugar syrup.  I remember a few times asking my mom to make french toast for supper, but she always said that was a thing that dad made and since she was making supper, we weren’t going to have french toast.  As a kid, I just thought she didn’t know how to make it, but couldn’t quite figure it out because if that was one of the only things dad made and there was a recipe for it, why couldn’t she figure it out?  As an adult, I asked her about this and she told me that if she would have made us french toast, it wouldn’t be as special when dad made it.  It’s little things like that that remind me if I can be half the parent either of my parents were, Georgia is going to be the luckiest little girl in the world!

14 thoughts on “After Pregnancy Cravings–French Toast”

  1. Kelli, in our family my dad was the only one who made pancakes and Malt-O-Meal. I remember having the same thoughts you did: Why can’t Mom make pancakes? (Although I am ashamed to remember that I thought Malt-O-Meal must be “super hard” and that’s why Dad made it, as if he could handle things Mom couldn’t. Maybe I thought that because he also knew how to use the Weber kettle grill, which was a mystery to me.) My parents are both gone, and I think of my mom so often when I make her recipes or just do every day stuff in the kitchen, but ever so often I will make Malt-O-Meal, when I wish I were sitting down to have a bowl with my dad.

  2. My Dad always made the turkey dressing on Thanksgiving and ice tea with mint in the summer. I will always remember those times.

    Both parents are gone but those simple memories are the best.

    I just made a lemon meringue pie for a friend and he told me it just did not have the zing of his Mom’s and he had never been able to replicate it either. I told him it was the love she put in it.

  3. Heather Beadle

    I would love to find a copy of this cookbook. You and your mom inspire me to make some of the yummy recipes you use!!! Can you tell me what year it is? TIA

  4. Marianne Barta

    Love your French Toast recipe. I always use my Betty Crocker recipe book for the best recipes. I always craved ice cream during my first pregnancy — still love ice cream any time and so does my son:)

  5. Winda Hiemstra

    my girl asks me every saterday to make her grandma’s soup – oma’s soep in dutch – she just thinks it is the best thing oma ever made. i am glad my mom tought me how to make it and even what the secret ingredient is! Write down how to make the favorites and keep it as a family book so your kids and grandkis will be able to give it a whirl and try to replica your amazing toast!
    Hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka Babbellotta

  6. Thank you Kelli! I’m pregnant right now and like you, dealing with “morning” (all day) sickness. Your French toast sounds delicious and I may make a batch to keep in the fridge. Pizza is the only other thing I want right now, not exactly healthy, but I can eat it without vomiting so that’s a plus!

  7. Loved this post too – my oldest is pregnant with their 5th – no odd cravings but some weight loss and things she can no longer eat.
    Everyone has their favorites and memories – are they precious?

  8. Love Betty Crocker. I have had this exact cookbook for 40+ years. Every time I want to look up something new I go for it first. The pancakes page is very well used.

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